Area 51 Aliens – UFO Sightings – Alien Abductions


In Memory of Bill Cooper


On November 5th, 2001, at his home 96 North Clearview Cir in Edgar, Arizona police from the Edgar and Apache departments say they were going to serve 3 felony warrants on Bill Cooper for drawing a semi-automatic pistol on somebody. On Bill's website and his radio program Bill Cooper stated that he would never be taken alive. A SWAT team surrounded and shot down Patriot Bill.


Bill Cooper seemed to know that he was about to die. For their own safety Bill sent his family out of the country in 1999.


In June 2001 Bill Cooper warned us that an attack was coming for America.


Bill Cooper served you and me in the Cause of Liberty as a Strategic Air Command Officer in the Navy. In 1975 the Navy discharged Bill Cooper.


In many ways Bill Cooper was like President John F Kennedy. Bill had the chance, during his years of service in the Navy, to see and become aware of things that you and I aren't supposed to see or know about. As President, JFK learned of the Top Secret Government and of the Majestic 12 Lies and JFK became award of the Bilderberg Committee. President John F Kennedy publicly warned us about some of the Top Secret things that have been going and he said he would put a stop to it.


Today we must ask ourselves am I a democrat? Am I a republican? When will we simply have the fortitude to be an American? Today, we still need to remind one one another “ …ask not what America can do for me, but what I can do for America.


As a Radio Host at K-Talk Radio in Salt Lake City in 2001 I was handed a cassette tape of a Public Disclosure that Bill Cooper gave. I was so moved by the significance of Bill's disclosures and that he would risk his life to present to you and me a few of their technology techniques, inside Bilderberg secrets, a Majestic 12 document, Top Secret things, Area 51 Official details, more of the Roswell Review, what Moon Astronauts won't tell you, details on Mars Missions wiki, Pleiades Star Cluster stuff and the very names of the men and women who are behind these Top Secret things, I announced to my audience that they need what Bill Cooper had to say and I turned off my microphone.


During 3 months or so I played this Disclosure cassette tape of Bill Cooper 12 times and it finally cost me my job as a Radio Host at K-Talk Radio KTKK.


We do have a right to know.


No matter how many Top Secret Gov groups or plans they may have organized we are still We the People.


In America, who is really in charge? We are in charge.


Do you truly want the Financial Collapse explained? The United States Government has been funding the building of 75 underground bases for the U S Government and what they call Continuity of Government. Another 22 underground bases have been built for this Alien Society. It looks like they are here. Treaties now exist between them and the United States Government.


Yeah – I guess you haven't been asked to be filled in on these secrets. I guess that means that Bill Cooper served and saw and heard and spoke out for nothing.


If you will take the time and look closer you will find more evidence.


What is the reason that the Secret Bilderberg Government had our President John F Kennedy killed, in broad daylight?


What is the reason that Bill Cooper was shot down and then his website was shut down?


I would suggest that we don't attack the messenger without examining the message. I do not have all the answers, but you and me still have a right to ask.


Money has been stolen from the United States treasury by these NSA, CIA, Bilderberg people in order to fund preparation for Inter – Planetary events that are about to Hit the Fan.


The CIA and the NSA have completely taken over the Narcotics Trafficing all over the world in order to help fund these illegal, covert, Top Secret things.


Somebody else wanted you and me to be award of these DoD Top Secrets. Have you ever seen the movie “ Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind? “ Yeah – thee was a lot of truth spelled out in that movie.


Publicly, all of these men have spoken about the evidence of Aliens and UFO's, John Glenn, James Lovell, Major General Brian O'Leary, Cosmonaut Victor Afanasyev, Buzz Aldrin, Major General Pavel Popovich, Colonel L Gordon Cooper, Edgar D Mitchell, Neal Armstrong, Major Robert White, Eugene Ceman, Yevegni Khrunov, James McDivitt, Scott Carpenter and many more people have been living witnesses of these things.


Perhaps you could check out Project Bluebook TV.


Why is Area 51 closed to you and me?


Who are the men and women who secretly meet inside Bilderberg meetings? Whose best interests do they have in mind?


What if we could see for ourselves that Top Secret areas or bases exist on the moon and at mars?


What if America has acquired live Aliens and UFO ships? What if Area 51 pilots from America have learned how to fly to Mars and back? What if new Alien Technology techniques are being used by our own military? What if Russia and America were working jointly on underground bases and on applying these new Alien technology techniques?


Government officials claim that you and I would fly off the handle if we learned about any of these truths. The Bilderberg Committee believes that America would completely fall apart if you and I became informed about these Top Secret things.


Can we stop fighting each other?


Apathy is deadly. Sheep are always lead to slaughter. Thee is power in secrecy. There is more power in knowledge. What kind of America are we?


Be Free… R J…

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  1. citizen says:

    Well, I would hazard to guess that area 51 is closed to you and me because they test experimental military aircraft there. They most likely don’t want to invest a fortune in a military aircraft to have Joe Blow take video of them flying and post it on youtube for all to see.

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