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I'm Sorry – Not Enough





Everywhere we look these days evidence of child abuse is glaring at us. Here are just a few child abuse stories. Child abuse articles are all over the news today.


Are you ready for a new Pope? Are you ready for Don Georg Gaenswein – to step in as the New Pope because of the outcry around the world for Pope Benedict to step down? Can a Pope step down? As a Cardinal, it appears that Pope Benedict was aware of sexual abuse by Catholic Priests upon young boys. As a Cardinal, Pope Benedict did nothing to protect children, but he did all he could to protect pedophile priests.


Recently Pope Benedict publicly said, “ I am sorry, “ for the pedophile actions upon little boys by Catholic Priests.


Only days ago the Vatican opened an Abuse – Line for victims in Europe to call and over 4,000 victims called in and the whole phone system broke down. Who really knows how many boys have been abused by pedophile priests? The fire of rage already scourged America. The courts are declaring that the Vatican is liable for the actions of Priest Abusers for their illicit activity upon innocent boys.


At the South Hadley High School Phoebe Prince was a new student who had just arrived from Ireland. Why would 8 or 9 boys and girls verbally assault Phoebe again and again and again so much that she eventually took her own life?


What kind of America have we become? What kind of world have we become?


In Portland “ Jack Doe #4 “ and his parents have taken the Boy Scouts of America to court claiming that in 1983 when he was 11 years old his troop leader Timur Dykes molested him sexually. According to court records more than 20,000 perversion files, child abuse cases that have been documented by the BSA. So far, it appears that within the Boy Scouts of America their policies suggest that no police are to be notified when any sex abuse acts are inflicted on a boy by a troop leader. If “ Jack Doe #4, “ wins this court case the Boy Scouts of America may have to pay $29,000,000 in damages.


What will it take for this molestation to stop?


A couple of weeks ago Dr Earl Bradley of Lewis, Delaware was arrested for child abuse. This Dr Bradley had thousands of child patients. Dr Bradley's office was a virtual candy store with a ferris wheel and a merry-go-round outside. According to police Dr Bradley recorded on video tape more than 103 children being molested by him at a corner in his office. In all kinds of way Dr Earl Bradley violated the trust of the parents of these children and he sexually assault all of these children, boys and girls.


Milwaukee Murphy has inflicted child abuse acts on more than 200 victims. Parents in Milwaukee are calling for his head and the resignation of Pope Benedict.


When is enough, enough?


If you were to steal my coat I would expect you to return it to me. If you couldn't return the item that you stole from me then I would expect that you would replace it.


How can you put virtue back after you have violated innocence?


How can you restore faith when you are through walking all over my trust in your muddy shoes?


How can you put truth back in balance after you have been lying to me again and again and again?


How can you put my Faith in God back into my heart after I trusted you to take care of my soul and after I put my children into your care?


I am Sorry is not Good Enough.


You can't fix this.


I am a parent with 6 daughters and 5 sons. It's a scary world today.


In some countries mothers and fathers sell their sons and daughters for money.


When I was a young boy I learned that in order to clean my room or in order to do the dishes I would have to begin with one item and then the next item until one by one by one the whole chore was completed.


Too many of us are standing around and doing nothing – observing these events take place around America and around the world. In America about 300,000 abductions take place every year. Where do most of these boys and girls go? It's outrageous!


It is time that you and I begin putting all of the pieces back together. It's time that we put a stop to these events – where ever they are taking place.


Be Free… R J…


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