Economic Collapse – A Warning to America – Nathan Leal

America’s Coming Super Depression
A Warning to America and to the World!

By Nathan Leal – November 29, 2009

Hello friends, over the last several months I have been wrestling with a prophetic warning.


This warning from God is not one to be taken lightly. Based on its contents, every one that can read this  alert needs to prepare themselves and their families for very hard events that are approaching. The warning of God always begins with a trumpet sound. And by the leading of the Holy Spirit, I am sounding an alarm.
A very loud alarm!
This WARNING alert is quite lengthy, but you can read it here:

I ask that all of you would share and forward this to everyone that you love and care about. The things mentioned in this prophetic alert are dire and VERY serious.
Please also share this with every pastor that you know!


God bless you, and may all of you be dwelling under the shelter of His wing.

Nathan Leal – August 25,2009

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