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RJ, below are ntes from someone after hearing Keith talk – the audio I sent you.
Again, go to a place of evil and porn, Las Vegas?
I know I’ve said it before but the whole point is that place is evil.
 You can feel it just walking around there, in any casino, so it makes no sense.
As far as I am concerned, I live in America and I don’t need to travel nor “sign up” to become an American, I am one. :”)  and I am not a strawman, even though the government thinks I am. Heh.

I listened to the whole three hour broadcast. Basically, he is setting up a new country in Nevada called "The United States Of America." Next week everyone goes there, renounces their current citizenship, and becomes a citizen of his country, which is a "neutral" country. There is a trust of some kind that will pay your bills for you. Then you transfer the money from your bank account into his bank.

There are a LOT of details and the whole thing seems extremely complicated. But they will walk you through it in a couple of days when you get there.

The general post office was established in the 1600's before any form of the US existed. The US set up newer versions over the years but did not destroy the original that they created the new ones from. Keith moved in to the abandoned original post office by survey and patent methods. He has perfected easement agreements. The UPU and UPS are on board. USPS are dragging their heels. UPS announced they are hiring 25,000 new drivers. The next step is opening a private bank.

The Nevada thing has nothing to do with RAP.
The Keith talked about during the show was a CALLER, not a host–although he started acting like he was the host demanding speaker phones be turned off etc…
 Keith sounded like a slick willy imo.

04/08/2010 EPISODE513 – Sam Davis and Remedy Community Call

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