Afghan Opium Fields – Obama says Protect Them – Hillary Clinton says Torch Them

From: Don Phau <>
Date: Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 12:04 PM
Subject: Is the U.S. Destroying Afghanistan's Opium Crop?

On April 13 the following was reported:

April 13 (LPAC)–A senior U.S. intelligence source has confirmed
a report in today's Washington Post, that, with the active
backing of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.S. Marines in
the Marja area of Helmand Province have begun a program to
destroy the opium harvest, just as the poppy crop is ready for
harvesting. "Hillary stepped in and pushed it through," the
source confirmed. Under the new program, which reverses the Obama
Administration's policy, first announced in March, 2009, of
ending opium eradication, U.S. Marines will be paying opium poppy
farmers $120 per acre to destroy their crops. And at the same
time, Marines are cutting off migrant workers from the opium
growing region, who are vital to the harvesting of the massive
opium crop.  By these actions, and a third track, which targets
the opium dealers as they attempt to purchase the cultivated
poppy from the farmers, the U.S. Marines of the 2nd Marine
Expeditionary Brigade are taking precisely the kinds of measures
that Lyndon LaRouche has demanded, in recent calls for the
impeachment of President Barack Obama.


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