Reptilians – Parasites – Illuminati Thugs – Alien Technology

From: Eli James   Date: Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 5:53 AM
Subject: Parasites & Reptilians Among Us
To: Eli James



















                                            Judgment Day Perspectives Newsletter
April 23, 2010
Parasites and Reptilians in Human Form


Special Item:  New Song on YouTube:  Eli James Band:  "Don't Let Them Take Our Guns Away"


Item #1:  Right after I put out the Newsletter on parasites, this Jew, Jason Levin, was exposed as one who loves to behave like a parasite, infiltrating the Tea Parties and acting obnoxious, so as to make it look like the Tea Partiers are guilty!!!
Item #2:  Alex Jones blames "racists" for infiltrating the Tea Party Movement.  We know its the joos and their federal parasites
Item #3:  Shades of Genesis 6
Item #4:  Phil Schneider on Alien Technology
Item #5:  The Jew World Order is getting ready to stage another incident of Jewish lightning and blame it on the real patriots
Item #6:  Michael Chertoff's reptilian eyes
Rahm Emanuel's Nictitating eyelids
Another reptilian:
Check out this lady's irises!!!  Human or reptilian?
Reptile's inner, transparent eyelids:
Reptilian DNA from the Nephilim of Gen. 6:
Item #7:  The Illuminati UCC and your birth certificate
Item #8:  Our X-tremist Government














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