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From: sam kennedy
Date: Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 11:41 AM
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Hello Folks,

I get lots of emails asking if it pays to file documents establishing one’s status as a sovereign secured party creditor of the United States in light of The Restore America Plan.  Also, do you have to withdraw or change your forms in light of the Plan?  It’s a much more important issue than you might imagine, and really needs to be discussed before more people are injured.  So I wanted to take the few moments I have today to address it despite all the other business of the Plan.

Should you still file such forms?   Yes to ensure preservation of your sovereign status in public records, and No, in that most of the documents you have asked me to review over the years are bogus, inadequate, and sometimes downright dangerous.  Even among the good documents, only a few clearly establish notice of sovereignty AND creditor status simultaneously.

Should you withdraw or alter your previous filings?  Yes, if you filed dangerous forms (see below) which could land you in prison.  No, if you filed competent forms that did not place you at risk of tragedy.

Here’s a brief list of forms you’ve asked about in your emails.  I suggest everyone who has ever filed a status or creditor or freedom process at the County or with Treasury should read this over.  I've spent hundreds of hours perfecting status docs over the years, so I hope this will be of real benefit to thousands of you:

SETOFF AND CHARGEBACK ORDER – This is a wonderful document.  It tells the Secretary of the Treasury EXACTLY what to do for the offset.  Moreover, it is specifically written as a SOVEREIGN creditor (highest rank on the land), rather than just a commercial secured party creditor.  If you have used this document, you are blessed.  Your process is probably a gem.  Congratulations to the author, whomever it is.  We need more like you!

ACTUAL AND CONSTRUCTIVE NOTICE.  This must be a joke.  The patriot-speak language in paragraph 1 alone, was outdated in 2005.  This is exactly the sort of junk that gets your process tossed in the garbage.  Beware.  Whoever wrote this should really think about withdrawing it globally on behalf of the People.

INVOICE – Another gem.  Unless your process has a blank invoice for the Secretary to enter the amount that you have authorized him to offset, and your acceptance for value is pre-signed on the invoice, he will not have the authority to zero your account.  No invoice?…Don’t bother mailing your process to Treasury.  It will bounce, and you won't even know it.  I am attaching that document to this email for your entertainment.  Notice the wonderfully direct language.  No one can mistake its intention.  The document originated from a group:  Disciples on the Land   ( and I applaud their efforts and agreeing to let me send it out for those who wish to correct their procedures.

CHARGEBACK ORDER (3-104)  – This is another disaster that identifies you as a beginner, or worse, a Defendant-in-waiting, instead of a sovereign man or woman.  There’s not an accountant on the planet who will know what to do when told:  “…and charge account 123456789 for the fees necessary for securing and registration (for the priority exchange for the tax exemption to discharge the public liability) of the personal possessions, and command Memory of account # 123-45-6789 charge the same to the Debtor’s Order or your Order.”  Any such order should simply say: “Please perform a setoff of all debts attributed to account 123-45-6789 no later than ______________ against the undersigned’s credit with the United States.”  Enforcing your status depends upon your credibility in their eyes.  If you put garbage into the system that demonstrates incompetence, you have destroyed your own remedy.  you see, folks, when a judge glances at this stuff, he writes you off as a nut job, or worse, a Christian nut job, to be dealt with harshly.

DEMAND FOR PRIORITY TAX EXEMPTION – This is basically a good document obviously written by a knowledgeable patriot, probably with lots of experience.  If you are going to use it, you might note it as a private document, add a trespass warning, file an original in your bible, issue an authenticated abstract, and add language that anchors it to the land.  I can't locate the author, so I am not comfortable attaching it to this email.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – POWER OF ATTORNEY – This form is DANGEROUS.  It confesses that you have agreed to stand in place of the strawman!!  Why do you think attorneys-at-law NEVER have you sign a power of attorney?  They would never be appointed as a substitute for the Defendant.  If you filed this form in the past – YOU MUST RESCIND THE SIGNATURE AND REDO YOUR PROCESS TOP TO BOTTOM.  If you tell a judge, “I’m the authorized representative,” he is likely to be laughing inside, since he will be holding your attorney-confession in his hand which identifies you as a substitute who is willing to stand in place of the Defendant.  Sorry for the harsh words, but anyone who would recommend this form is either incompetent or a scam artist waiting to make money in some way off of your future misfortune.

VERIFIED APPOINTMENT OF ATTORNEY – Unlike the previous form, this power of attorney is brilliant.  On page 1, it says: “In fulfilling any of the duties hereunder, the attorney is not acting and shall not be deemed to be acting as an accommodation party (a substitute) for the DEBTOR.”   Kudos to the author whomever you are.

PRE-OFFSET NOTICE FOR BALANCED BOOK ADJUSTMENT – More embarrassing garbage, and completely unnecessary.  Why waste a document educating the Secretary of the Treasury?  Tim Geithner doesn’t know that the Fed has been raping your credit all of your life???  The document tells Geithner that you are a light weight.  Presumably, they laugh when they see language like: “The adjustment may be completed by Mr. Timothy F. Geithner, Jr., Secretary of the US Treasury.”  Orders should say, “The U.S, trustee shall complete the adjustment within seventy-two hours of receipt of this order.”  If this document is in your past process, you should examine all of your documents carefully.

DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE – Sending this form to me for evaluation is a bit of a joke, since I wrote it.  However, those of you who have the form can use it as an example of methods and language to cement one’s status and claim as a member of the sovereign People.  It accomplishes both simultaneously.

SOVEREIGN’S DEMAND FOR SETOFF ORDER – This is a good form, especially since it is written on the land.  Kudos to that author also.  The style suggests it may have come from the Disciples people.

50/50 BOND – I don’t know who got the bright idea to combine my Series 1.3N Bonded Promissory Note and Offset Bond and call it a 50/50 Bond, but it’s a sure way to identify yourself as a prosecutor’s prey.  Both the note and the bond are outdated by years (I’m on versions 5.1 and 4.12 respectively).   And combining the two is like eating soup and steak in the same mouthful.  All you get is ridicule for being a culinary barbarian (translation: patriot grasping at straws).  If someone says, “We’re getting setoffs with it,” you would do well to say: “Show me.”

I would also be wary if you are given a process that discusses UCC contract trusts, treasury-direct accounts, TWO security agreements. TWO indemnity bonds or TWO hold harmless agreements in the same process.  These are abject signs of incompetence, and in the case of treasury-direct language, could be very dangerous.  BE ESPECIALLY CAREFUL WITH THE POWER OF ATTORNEY DOCUMENT MENTIONED ABOVE AS IT CAN LAND YOU IN PRISON IN A HEARTBEAT.

I eventually see most of what’s floating around the internet, and am glad to have had the opportunity to share the above information with you.  Here are emails for those groups from which I consistently see excellent honest work:

Please don’t view this as a recommendation or referral.  YOU must make your own decisions regarding something as important as declaring your status or correcting previous process.  You don’t want the decisions of others to haunt you years later.

Hope this was helpful.  It is such important information, WOULD YOU PLEASE CIRULATE THIS EMAIL FAR AND WIDE?

Blessings and peace to us all,


 “Stand fast therefore in liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.”   (Galatians 5:1)


(Dr.) Sam Kennedy
Republic Broadcasting network

The Save America Crusade


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    VERIFIED APPOINTMENT OF ATTORNEY – Unlike the previous form, this power of attorney is brilliant. On page 1, it says: “In fulfilling any of the duties hereunder, the attorney is not acting and shall not be deemed to be acting as an accommodation party (a substitute) for the DEBTOR.” Kudos to the author whomever you are.

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