Seven Days in May – Civil Unrest – Global Nuclear War? – Clip

From: cj
Date: Sun, May 2, 2010 at 6:17 PM
Subject: 7 days in May



I have been hearing rumblings from many different people… some are sources… some are friends of sources.

A few days ago I heard it definitively… there WILL be a SEVEN DAYS IN MAY scenario.

What I heard is it will NOT be just the United States. There will be other countries around the world also.

One of those countries is the Philippines. The corruption in the political system over there rivals the corruption in our government. An official government agency runs the voting machines. They have let it be known to the 3 candidates that the one who pays them the most money will win the election.

The Philippine military has different views. They are ready to install a caretaker government until all the crooks are routed from the bureaucracies.

It used to be that the only way we had of knowing whether or not a person was a crook or was working for one of the mafia entrenched families was to torture them or use very powerful drugs that made them tell the truth… but could leave them dead or without their memories.

There are now better ways of knowing if a person is lying or telling the truth… and everyone who is a government employee will be asked to take a lie detector test. What the people don't know is that the lie detector test is NOT what they think it will be. There is no way they can beat this lie detector test… and they won't even know they are taking it.

Now… if we could get everyone in OUR government…. at all levels…. from the city up to the federal to take the same test… we could restore our country too.

The rumors of the SEVEN DAYS IN MAY has come from too many sources from too many different backgrounds for me to ignore it any longer.

I talked about it on the radio… but I have not written about it.

What is Seven Days in May?

Seven Days in May is a film directed by John Frankenheimer (who also directed the original Manchurian Candidate) and based on the political thriller novel of the same name written by Fletcher Knebel and Charles W. Bailey II. It stars actors Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas.

Note from Rayelan: If you remember, I wondered out loud is General David Petraeus is going to be our next President. I believe that if he ran… no one could beat him. Especially if he ran on a Tea Party Platform!

In the movie, Burt Lancaster plays General Scott… who is running for President.

There are 13 parts. Here is a link to all 13


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