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Survival Is No Fun


I had a visit with Jim Phillips today. I'm " R J, " and on the radio this Guru of Getting Ready, Jim spells out the specific details of what you or I can do when a calamity hits.


This last weekend more rain and more floods and more tornadoes moved through America and more people have died. It was amazing how many times I heard people comment how they weren't ready.


Jim Phillips used to teach our military men how to survive any kind of outrageous weather condition, from an arctic storm or in the blazing heat of the dessert.


In school fire drills prepare us for what we may do in the event of a fire.


In the military they practice and practice and practice their skills and their strategy and their options until these men and women are ready for battle.


The time to prepare for a rain storm or a flood or a tornado or before an earthquake is before these events may strike your neighborhood.


The most skilled athletes make their sport look easy. Jim has made our preparation easy by bringing it down to a science.


Preparation always involves 3 factors; 1 – Spiritual Readyness 2 – Attitude 3 – Knowledge Emergency Preparedness is about Spirituality and Attitude and the Knowledge.


You may find more details at Jim Phillips's website


There are 9 components to the foundation of readyness…


1 – Understanding Unchangeable Laws and Principles

2 – Clothing

3 – Water

4 – Sanitation

5 – Nutrition

6 – Shelter

7 – Wellness

8 – Tools

9 – Supplies


Your version of every one of these principles of getting ready is where the fun comes in.

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