2012 – David Wilcock – A Golden Age – 4 Video Clips

From: cj  
Date: Thu, May 6, 2010 at 2:12 PM
Subject: 5.6.2010 David Wilcock – Prophecies and Science of a Golden Age
Listening to the first few minutes most likely have you watching the whole thing.
Wilcock does a good job of explaining, so you’ll be able to wrap your head around a broad spectrum of concepts, solidifying for the new age.  You may not believe everything, but that is okay, because there is an overwhelming amount of information, whether you believe in evolution, creationism or . . .



2012 Event Horizon:
Prophecies and Science of a Golden Age, by David Wilcock — Part 1

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Part 2
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Part 3
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Part 4
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78 Responses to “2012 – David Wilcock – A Golden Age – 4 Video Clips”

  1. Tashara Cosby (your neice) says:

    What should we do to stay protected? Should we run now and stock up on food and live like the omish?

    How do we avoid the plans that the government has for us?

    • RJ says:

      The Government of God is on it’s way. The Kingdom of God is coming. I believe that every one of us have a different responsibility for the Lord Jesus. Every one of us ought to fall upon our knees and cry unto Jesus and ask where he wants us to be and what He wants us to be doing. I do my best to recognize the Hand of God and prayers by my family include our plea to God that He will send us dreams and visions and answers so that we may be a Blessing to His plans. Do you live where God wants you to dwell? Are you loving your neighbors as the Master has asked – feeding the hungry and helping to shelter the homeless and clothing the naked? A flower ought to bloom where it iws planted, sure. Some times in order to be ” safe, ” and in order to survive and grow through the coming trials it may be a bumpy ride. Will we survive? Will God gather us up in a rapture? Where we live offers some measure of safety too. I do believe that another Passover is coming too. It doesn’t matter so much how we die, but it absolutely matters how we live. R J

  2. Erik Tivar says:

    There’s a book recognized as “Avoid Retirement And Stay Alive”. The thought would be the fact that retirement has no place in modern day society. If you are able to make function pleasant by balancing it against the other points you’d like to accomplish, then you definitely have the ability to live like you’ve got all of the time within the globe.

    • RJ says:

      My mother’s father was an engineer in a Big Factory in Boston and he retired when he was 67 years old. Then my Grandpa Hugh Forrest began repairing pianos, as his mentor taught him.

      Every day, my Grandpa did something…

      My life is a mere piece of the volume of work and teaching he performed during his lifetime.

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