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9/11 Evidence-Dr Steven Jones


Today I spoke with Dr Steven Jones, the former Professor at BYU.


It appears that the office of Dick Cheney made a call to the L D S Church with concern about the 9/11 claims that Dr Jones was making with his evidence of Nano Thermite.


In April 2007 gave the commencement lecture on the BYU campus and it seems that the reputation of Dr Steven Jones may have been an offense to the tender feelings of Dick Cheney.


Take a look at the evidence for yourself by googling DR BYU and you can see the reports that Dr Steven Jones has been disclosing after he has spent years performing tests on the debris on Ground Zero.


Recently Dr Jones and the laboratories at BYU have been testing a Red-Gray Material that has been turned up at Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks. The differential scanning calorimeter measures heat output. Again the evidence speaks for itself, showing that Nano Explosives were employed to take Building No 1 down and Building No 2 down and Building No 7 down that fateful morning. Evidence shows that these buildings came down with a speed that is faster than gravity – 32,2 feet per second – squared. The Buildings Came Down Faster than Gravity.


The National Institute of Standards & Technology is supposed to be examining the evidence of the collapsed World Trade Center, but they have refused to examine the evidence. Instead of following the story that the evidence tells they have been announcing the Political Correct Rhetoric that the administration has approved for public consumption.


It is up to you and me to hold their feet to the Nano Thermite, the evidence.


Boston Scientists are examining the evidence.


Scientists in Denmark are examining the evidence.


Dr Frank Legge of of Australia recently released a paper with his conclusions on the attacks on the world trade center. You can take a look at his findings at www.journalof911studies.com


The whole world is laughing at Americans because we continue to promote and support these same Terrorist Thugs that have taken over America. The Peer Review asserts indictments upon elements within the American Government who continue to send out men and women into war for dubious reasons.


The 9/11 evidence research goes on by Dr Steven Jones and the laboratories at BYU are still open to him, thank God.


Who ever “ the Committed of They “ are it appears that they may not be cone with their False Flag attacks.


It appears that the true job of Congress has been to prevent the truth.


Today we are franticly working to put a stop to the bleeding of more than 210,000 gallons of oil that is bleeding out in the Gulf of Mexico after the explosion to the platform a couple of weeks ago.


False Flag Events are probably going to keep occurring. Today we have little time to turn our backs on the events and the evidence of an all-out assault upon you and me.


America is My Country.


Be Free, Robert Hender, R J

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