NWO – Cabal of Thieves – Bob Chapman – Economic Collapse

     I spent an hour today with Bob Chapman on my radio program at RBN.  You may know Bob Chapman by his timely reports about the Financial, Political and World events that are shaping our world.  You can examine Bob's evidence by going to his site at www.theinternationalforecaster.com

     Bob Chapman used to work as a Stock Broker for abut 28yrs and he owned his own Wall Street Firm.  Bob also used to work in Counter Intelligence. 

     In October Bob Chapman will be turning 75 years old and he had a chance to retire many years ago, but where would the fun be in that? 

   Recently Bob Chapman was questioned in Athens with the BBC and he disclosed his view on a major Greece newspaper. 

     People are coming to realize that our Government has lied.  the euro currency has been designed to enslave Europe.  Over 19 nations are ready to collapse financially and solutions are very difficult to come by these days. 

     Even Gerald Celente claims that Public Rioting will be breaking out in America, like a forest fire that jumps roads and bodies of water. 

     By design a group of families – The Black Nobility – are driving countries to ruin.  Their strategy includes 1 – organizing a lower standard of living  2 – creating more unemployment  3 – causing shortages of food and supplies  4 – planting riot experts to help escalate  5 – revolution is next for a nation 

     Engineered Slavery is what is now happening – right before our eyes in Greece and soon to come will be Italy and Ireland and Portugal and Spain. 

     This Committee of They the faceless, nameless people who are behind all of these contrived events have more fun ahead of us all. 

     Excessive Borrowing is not the problem at all. 

     The banks have no money to give you or me.  When a husband and wife sign a mortgage contract this Security  becomes money and a bank will acquire proceeds from the contracts they hold 2 times and 3 times and 4 times and more.  By signing these contracts we give to a bank what they are using as money. 

     Our credit card accounts deliver a Security to these banks.  Our Driver's License provides another Security to these Global Bankers.  Our birth certificates are held and sold as Securities

     At www.morningliberty.com are resources and interviews that help to explain these details in greater length.  The public has no idea what money truly is and what it is not. 

     This Cabal of Freemason, Illuminati thugs believe that they can own everything.  The demise of America is what this cabal wants.  They want to see the whole earth jump off some cliff – with herd culling events that are on their way, even now. 

     Eustice Mullins and Allen Stang used to warn us about this corporate fraud. 

     Be very careful believing all that you are now seeing or hearing in the News.  Even the anchors on NBC and ABC and CBS and FOX and CNN may be CIA or NSA or CFR plants. 

     These Skull & Bones traitors to America are always looking for the next patsy to take advantage of in order to further their agenda.  Even Sarah Palin has become the face of the new " Tea Party, "  movement.  Which public official is ready to be employed and manipulated to their ends? 

     We must examine history and value our present and direct our future for the good of our family and ur cuntry. 

     Be Free,   Roert Hender,   R J   www.morningliberty.com

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