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Date: Fri, May 7, 2010 at 12:10 PM


Heads up people, this is what we have been waiting for…

Within this page, 3rd paragraph, document “Finality of Settlement Part II”
I’ve downloaded the document –
Restore America Plan is mentioned on pg  145

And although I’ve pasted from pg 688, that is also on the homepage, link above.

Pg 688 –
Events are moving quickly worldwide. The American Republics are awakening  87    –  grand juries are being
convened across the republics of America. The corporate fraud is being challenged in court in the Rod
Class & Dave Buess  88   case. The SWANsat Magna Carta  89   for the information age has been served upon
world leaders.
Our Swiss infrastructure is ready, the Global Mint90 is open for business and we are releasing this
document on our website ahead of schedule.
It is time to take the steps to avert WWIII.
Worldwide military, and Heads of State please take notice – we know of how you are pitted against each
other, of the weapons in use, of the plans for false flag attacks, of the stolen and secreted gold, and of the
use of legal plunder and blackmail to make men fight. We at the GSF – unarmed – are not afraid. We are
coming to rescue you from becoming gladiators at the pleasure of your Roman masters.



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