La Raza Ralley – 9 Nation Revolution – Illegal Immigration – Youtube Clip

From: Tracy   
Date: Wed, May 12, 2010 
Subject: FW: LAST DAYZ A 5 minute u-tube of a La Raza rally..Do not miss this !!!

 5 minute u-tube of a La Raza rally..Do not miss this !!!

This 5 minute U-tube gives us an inside picture of La Raza , which is a Mexican organization to recapture several southern states for Mexico. It is most interesting that The Ford (tax free foundation) this past week gave a few MILLION DOLLARS to this group to further their activities (It was announced on Fox news last week). This L.A. teacher calls for a Mexican revolt , "Where we now stand is stolen ocuppied Mexico." Please share this with all your friends , because it will not be shown on the "main stream media" and we need to know . Here is the LINK.
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