C I A – Illuminati – Federal Reserve – Central Bank – Robet D Steele Clip

From: Greg   
Date: Thu, May 13, 2010 at 7:24 PM
Subject: Ex CIA spills the beans

We deserve to have this guy on our side!


YouTube Preview Image


"A free people claim their rights
as derived from the laws of nature,
and not as the gift of their chief
–Thomas Jefferson


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2 Responses to “C I A – Illuminati – Federal Reserve – Central Bank – Robet D Steele Clip”

  1. denialator says:

    This man has nailed it. It’s up to each one of us as concerned and immeasurably blessed Americans to follow through with every challenge set forth by Mr. Robert Steele. America has become the scourge of the world due to our complacency and apathy to the point of trusting / depending on someone else to do all the dirty work. This is not what our founding fathers intended by creation of our Representative, Constitutional Republic with government OF, BY and FOR the PEOPLE. We are the government!

    • RJ says:

      Michael Steele does an awesome job of laing it all out on the table. Everybody ought to hear this man’s report. Steele also goes on to convey how important it is that we continue to network with one another and spread the truth of these things. Some times we feel like we’re all alone. The Main Press has done a nice job keeping people’s attention – in the thick of thin things. This website was set up as a resource for you, to help you share the problems are facing us and sharing the remedy to these terror attacks upon our liberties. I think that the closer we look at the folks at the top of the Global N W O food chain, they are running out of answers and if we lose, they loose too. Never, Never, Never Give Up. Never, Never, Never Give Up. Never, Never, Never Give Up.

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