Blue Blood – Stewart Swerdlow 12 Clips – Atlantis – Reptilian/Human History

From: Corey   
Date: Thu, May 13, 2010    
Subject: 25% were Reptilians, 70% were Human and the Blue Bloods now Rule it All

This is very interesting, his timeline may be off but, he may be on the money with his description of earth history and events that are happening now. 

Part 1:

YouTube Preview Image

Part 2:

YouTube Preview Image


Part 3:

YouTube Preview Image

Part 4:

YouTube Preview Image

Part 5:

YouTube Preview Image

Part 6:

YouTube Preview Image

Part 7:

YouTube Preview Image

Part 8:

YouTube Preview Image

Part 9:

YouTube Preview Image

Part 10:

YouTube Preview Image

Part 11:

YouTube Preview Image

Part 12:

YouTube Preview Image

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3 Responses to “Blue Blood – Stewart Swerdlow 12 Clips – Atlantis – Reptilian/Human History”

  1. david anderson says:

    I could only get through the first two videos. He is only telling an unbelievable story with nothing or very little to back up his wild sounding claims. Who would take that stuff at face value? It’s either disinformation or misinformation if you ask me. Sounds like the government did a psychological experiment …on him! Maybe I should have watched the remaining videos to hear something more sound but it was getting too unbelievable to me to and I was getting impatient.

    • RJ says:

      There is a lot of material to cover. If this was only a hobby, caring about our country it can seem overwhelming some times. I am doing my best to post material that is timely and stuff that the Main Press refuses to cover.

  2. Tiny Morosco says:

    This kinda reminds me of when I was a kid building model rockets. This would sure have made it a little more interesting.

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