Funny Photo – Barry Soetoro – Shredding the U S A Constitution – Tragic Photo

From: V.K. Durham   
Date: Sun, May 16, 2010 at 3:14 AM
Subject: Now isn't this something?!



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2 Responses to “Funny Photo – Barry Soetoro – Shredding the U S A Constitution – Tragic Photo”

  1. EniGma says:

    Obama is a hoax and only the dumb down masses will accept the agenda put forward for global takeover or the NAU !
    Bush has already shredded the US consti. !

    • RJ says:

      Yeah, you are right Barry Soetoro is a Corporate Legal Fiction, but this Obama is meeting with the President of Mexico and he will continue to move their policies along, the policies of the Global, Satanic, Freemason, Illuminati, New World Order Banksters. Now that more Americans are realizing these Corporate Actors who are dominating our attention and who are daily doing harm to our country and liberty, what will we do next. America needs you and me. Why is it that sooo sooo many Americans walk away after they cast their vote? America needs Founding Fathers and Founding Mothers now, just as much as we ever did.

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