Economic Collapse – Gerald Celente & 11 Clips – Peter Schiff – Romania & Ireland Riots

From: Tracy   
Date: Tue, May 12, 2010   

Subject:  LAST DAYZ Gerald Celente..a 4 minute video about turmoil spreading…

This is really good…. I love this guy…. He really says it like it is.

 Gerald Celente..a 4 minute video about turmoil spreading…

In this 4 minute u-tube, Gerald Celente on May 12, 2010 discusses the spreading of turmoil around the world. Your time is well spent to watch this interview. Mountain man

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One Response to “Economic Collapse – Gerald Celente & 11 Clips – Peter Schiff – Romania & Ireland Riots”

  1. It looks like we are going to have a negative economic domino effect all over Eurozone… At first Greece, then Ireland… Who is next? Portugal or Spain or…? I think the political support for bail outs is vanishing as well as Germans for example would at some point get fed up and stop carrying other countries on their backs…

    It’s clear that the government of Ireland misjudged its crisis early on even ignored the vital signs… Another example of government failure, excess spending addiction that resulted in economic collapse… This trend is noticeable everywhere (at different levels) across the EU… Ireland’s national 2010 deficit will climb to a staggering 32% percent of GDP!!! This is a recipe for a (future) disaster!

    What’s next for Ireland? More cuts? And who is going to be the next for IMF and EU bailout list?

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