Illegal Immigrants – Drug Cartels – Route to U S A – Terrorists – Illegal Aliens

From: Saraki  
Date: Tue, May 18, 2010 at 11:07 AM
Subject: War on Terror at the Border – Video Clip on Illegal Aliens
   A short clip on illegals in Arizona.  Eye opening.


This is part of the reason States are passing immigration laws. The Government has been lying to us for years. Much of the information in this video clip comes from Congressional records….so make up your own minds! This is not about race….there is a bigger story here that the politicians do not want you to know, after all they swore an oath to protect the country from enemies foreign and domestic….A duty that they have failed in miserably.



Yea….  You are hearing about the AZ border…  NOW, here's the TRUTH!!!


From an Atlanta TV station…












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