Economic Collapse – IMF Has the Answers – 10% Value Added Tax

Date: Wed  May 19, 2010   
Subject: The IMF Knows How to Help America…Another Terri Schiavo? Catholic Hospital refuses to release Vietnam veteran

Woman battles county for husband's life
Another Terri Schiavo?

Catholic Hospital refuses to release Vietnam veteran

May 17, 2010–In a complex case that has drawn the attention of the family of Terri Schiavo, a Vietnam veteran's wife claims a Catholic hospital has tried to end her husband's life by starving him to death, placing him under a "do-not-resuscitate" order and refusing to allow him to return home.

Patriot rocker fights for little girl's 'Freedom'
#Musician-dad devotes himself to saving America's children from bleak future –WND


Iran Prepared to Block Gulf Oil and Wreck Western Economies

Iran’s recently-concluded war games concentrated on preparations to block the Persian Gulf and wreck Western economies in the event that the United Nations Security Council tries to place harsh sanctions against it.

Miss USA: Did Arizona immigration hurt Miss Oklahoma Morgan Elizabeth Woolard in loss to Rima Fakih?

Muslim crowned Miss USA
'This shows the greatness of America, how everyone can have a chance to make it'–Detroit Free Press

Miss USA won 'stripping contest' in 2007

#'Rima is a Dearborn resident and the 1st Arab American to wear the crown'–Fox News


Confiscation by Jason Hommel — "In fact, for those people who know of Bible Prophecy, and even for the atheists and agnostics among us, gold ownership should be the key factor keeping people alive through the coming 7 year tribulation predicted in the Bible in Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelation. There will be people who will not ever take the mark of the beast required to buy and sell, and it is those people who will likely have silver and gold who will survive to populate the earth after the tribulation and during the millennium, whether believers, atheists, or agnostics alike! Zechariah 14:16-19. Revelation 13:16-18, Rev 14:9-12, Rev 15:2, Rev 19:20, Rev 20:4-6."


Ron Paul: See I Told You, Paper Money Is Worthless — Rep. Ron Paul spoke with CNBC about the sovereign debt crises facing Europe, and how they might soon be coming home to America. I bought gold in 1971, knowing that paper would lose its value, and now its come to be and a lot of people are jumping on board.


US faces inflation or default

There are only two solutions to the sovereign debt crisis — raise taxes or cut spending — but the political gridlock may prevent either from happening

Feds tell court they can decide what you eat

'Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to obtain any food they wish'
Attorneys for the federal government have argued in a lawsuit pending in federal court in Iowa that individuals have no "fundamental right" to obtain what food they choose.


FBI Puts in Bid for Mega Rifles Take a look at the video. It shows an Anzio 20mm Vulcan Rifle (actually a cannon) with a 49″ barrel and a suppressor. The monster has a 5000 yard maximum range and costs about $12,000.


Gates Foundation Suggests Sterilizing Males with Ultrasound


Portugal ratifies gay marriage law

The IMF Knows How to Help America

The IMF, on the other hand, is suggesting that a 10% value added tax (VAT – basically a national sales tax) along with increasing income taxes on rich people and adding a carbon tax like Denmark has done would raise revenues

IMF still prefers its two ideas for global bank tax

(Reuters) – The IMF still favours either a form of international deposit insurance levy or a tax on financial institutions' profits and remuneration as ways of preventing a repeat of the financial crisis, a senior official said on Monday.

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