Gold Bars – Silver Bars – Oil – Honesty and Integrity Still Matter

If I had a marble that you liked we may agree to trade for a marble that you have that I like. 

It's called an exchange.  These days there are many ways you and I can both win.  Over the years I have traded my time for things of value.  I have traded clothes with friends.  I have traded baseball cards.  I made trades with a School District for 10 acres of land that they had for 15 acres of land that the Shcool District wanted.

The thing about trading is that Everybody Gets to Win.  When I pull the trigger on a transaction it matters to me that Everybody Wins or I don't want to play.

An interesting aspect of what has come to be known as the " American Way, " is that somebody has to lose in order for somebody to win. 

There were a few concepts that my father taught to me when I was a toddler.  Daddy used to say that if $money was the reason that I went to work that I would become a slave to the dollar.  As I have grown older and maybe wiser I have found that there are many worthwhile things that need to be done in which money has not been my reward. 

Slavery comes by operating from " what is n it for me? "  This attitude can keep doors of opportunity closed.  I have found that when we are willing to give, without any strings attatched, magic occurs.  It's been like an unseen bank account whereby every day I get to invest into my reality.  I can do something for somebody that I never met, but they cross my path today and they need a little help.  I can offer friendship to somebody even when friendship hasn't been returned.  I can love somebody in my life who may be difficult to love.  I can volunteer in my neighborhood or in my congregation in ways that are public or even secret so that somebody benefits from a small act of kinds that I may perform today. 

Yeah, this may sound to you like some poly-anna Empty Wish. 

I have seen people change because somebody did something that was completely unexpected for somebody else. 

I have seen doors open up that used to be closed because someone reached out and participated in helping a stranger and nothing was expected in exchange. 

In the Radio Business I have seen all kinds of doors open up for me.  Without any money expectation I have helped to connect people who are involved in the same effort, but they had never met until I saw how it would help them both if I introduced them to one another. 

Several times it has taken my breath away as I brought 2 people together who have never met before, but as they met it was like they have always known each other, like 2 friends who haven't seen each other for years. 

I have helped to being American Indian Chiefs together.  I have helped to bring Near Death Experience people together.  I have helped to bring Patriots together.  I have helped to bring business people together.  I have helped to bring friends together who for all their lives they have known one another and yet they never met until I set up the meeting. 

What has surprised me is that along the way i have run across people in the Oil Business.  There he was, the seller of Bonnie Light and there he was the so-called buyer and so I brought them together.  There he was, the seller of solid, gold bars and here he came the so-called buyer for gold bars.  There he was, the seller of silver bars and there he was the so-caller of the silver.  

As i have brought these people together I realized that everybody could win, here by trading with one another.

About 14 years ago i interviewed a man who considered himself a treasure hunter.  Jim told me that gold changes everybody.  Jim claimed that gold makes you more of what you are. 

I was stunned to see dishonesty and selfishness get in the way of Everybody Winning by doing business with each other.

I see the Creator quoted in the book of Genesis " God said let there be light and there was light. "  It seems to me that if I will ever measure up as a man that it is important that I do what I say I will do.  Do what you say and say what you will do.  This is where creation begins, in my opinion. 

After I have found these oil sellers and these gold sellers and silver sellers I have yet to find the right man with honesty and integrity who in fact will do what he says.  I have been waiting for nearly 3 years now to see one of these Everybody Wins Transactions to finish. 

It seems that we have made it a habit of screwing somebody else in order to win.  Carma will take care of it's own. 

At we now get to offer silver that anybody can afford.  Imagine, 1/10oz silver rounds and 1/2oz silver rounds as well as 1oz silver rounds are now available so that the little people – you and me can set some money aside for a rainy day.  Liberty Silver is a dream of mine, come true where you can actually hold this silver in your hands and then put it away, just like food storage.   Silver in these quantities will have awesome value soon.

It's not about the gold.  It's not about the oil.  It's not about the land.  It's not about the marbles. 

Maybe some day I'll find somebody with honesty 

 Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J

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