Economic Collapse – Hyper Inflation Melt Up – The Dollar Bubble is about to Pop


Sent: Friday, May 21, 2010   

Subject: Over $79 Trillion of U S A Debt – MELTUP—Powerful new video on U.S. currency crisis…

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A brand new, hard-hitting documentary that gets to the heart of what many economists are calling the U.S. currency crisis. Filled with interviews of well-known economists, outstanding graphics, charts, film footage and a really good sound-track, this presentation does not mince any words. But it's better to view evidence and facts regarding the future in order to facilitate prior planning. This video is going to go viral on the internet–it's that strong! It is just getting started as I received two emails on it tonight, watched the whole thing and am still somewhat shocked at what Congress, the Federal Reserve and the current and recent White Houses have done to us. This may explain why so many politicians from both parties are being voted out this Spring on a national level. After watching this video, family finances will become front and center if they are not there already; moreover, the video may raise questions as to whether many past and present members of the House and Senate should be incarcerated rather than remain in office and/or collect a taxpayer pension. A very powerful video. May God save the U.S.A.


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  1. jonrgrover says:

    I think you need to add some information to this documentary to say who each of the people talking are. Most people will not recognize who each person is and may not find them credible therefore. One idea would be to print the name of each person talking in the video below their face the first time we see them so that people can look them up to see what their background is. I hope this video succeeds.

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