Illegal Immigration – Apostle John Bayley & R J – Nasty Dogs Fighting to the Death

Do you recall the fancy football quarterback Michael Vic?  He was one of the sick and twisted people who God His Jollies by watching 2 dogs fight each other to the death in the center ring. 

Where do we stand? 

If you examine yourself would you consider yourself as the spectator or in the ring in this Battle to the Death of America? 

Satan Worshipers have taken a hold of America and they're poised to drag our country with them, right over the cliff to destruction.  These Global Oligarchs would get off by the destruction of America.

At this very moment we are poised at the brink of our tomorrow.  Will we choose to spiral down to more fear and hate and darkness or will we continue to raise our personal lives and our neighborhoods to exemplify the Light that America has always been? 

In my visit today on the radio with Apostle John Bayley he commented that Prophecy is now being fulfilled almost daily, right before our eyes and at the same time Darkness would take over all of America and the World if we will allow it.  There are lines of absolutes and Faitth and Fear cannot dwell together.  If you hop onto one of these ships you step out of the other boat. 

Two ships are now upon the oceans – the Ship of a Dark Destiny for America and the control of the world and the Ship of Light and Love, if you get the drift.  You can't be on both of these ships, at the same time.  We now get to choose.  God does have a plan fot he end of despotism and the rule by the Darkness on the planet – The Lordship of Darkness Shall be Cancelled.  The Dark Lords have been involved for too long with their agenda to Kill, Steal and Destroy.  God will tear their control from their hands. 

The I M F has no money to offer Greece.  This Barry Soetoro/Obama has no answers for America's problems.  Obama is a part of the problem, an actor on a Corporate Stage.  A vanquished nation pays a Tribute to the conquerors.  The I M F are already proposing a new V A T as their solution.  A value added tax of 10% on the whole world is now being promoted by the I M F and the Cap and Trade game as the solution to all of our financial problems.  It sure looks like slavery to me.

In Greece the I M F has nothing to offer them.  The I M F is waiting for Greece to contract with them for the voluntary servitude of their nation.  Standing in line for the I M F non-remedy is Romania, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Italy and America is on the menu.

The Federal Reserve has no money.  Sure, they continue to print dollars, but there is no value behind those dollars. 

Love is a part of the solution. 

What does Obama love?  Where do the allegiances of Barry Soetoro lie? 

Where do the Rothschilds Elite Cowards worship?  What God do they pray to?  Who or what do they love? 

Warfare is now being waged upon us – even in the disguise of a President who has become pretty good at reading a teleprompter.  Who is writing Obama's script? 

Since the United States is a Corporation when we participate in voting we're simply participating in a shareholders meeting to choose the officers in the Corporate Game. 

The Federal Reserve is about to Fade Away.  The I R S is about to be shut down.  The Bank Fraud that has been offending our Property and our Families must end and I believe that God will bring down their Hightowers of Lies and Deception.

Where will you stand? 

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J

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