Illegal Immigration – Felipe Calderon Dictates U S A Policy? – Barry Soetoro Applauds

From: Conservatives in Action 
Date: Sat, May 22, 2010   


The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave.”

Patrick Henry, speech at the Virginia Convention, 1775



OPEN BORDERS….came to mind when listening to Obama discuss the illegal immigration “situation”.  President Felipe Calderon standing on the congress floor addressing a joint session of our “elected officials” spoke of his vision for Mexico and the Mexican people.  He told us about the great strides Mexico is accomplishing.  He even let us know that “not one cent from taxpayers went to a single bank in Mexico last year!”  He stood proud about 10 feet tall in front of all the Socialist drones we now have in Washington DC.  Why should we be angry at Calderon for bragging about his Mexico? He received 4 minutes or more of applause from “our” elected drones before he could utter a single word.  Why should he not come in and tell us what to do?  Obama the great divider empowered this third world country President by allowing him to “blame” us for his problems with assault weapons.  In fact Calderon straight out told our Socialist drones to reinstate the assault weapon ban.  Great, we have a third world country President telling our drones what to do.  Why not?  Look at what we have elected!  Socialist/Democrat Drones! 


Calderon in his total ignorance went further by chastising Arizona for their immigration law and Obama not only permitted him to do so but sided with this foreign president.  Obama once again has committed the unspeakable.  Taking sides against an American state!   Mexico has a long standing history of using the caste system with the “Indios”.  The “elite” use them as worker bees, mistreat them, rob them of their land, and have even been know to “sterilize” their women to profit the “elite” of Mexico.  Maybe Felipe should first acquaint himself with Mexico’s history before he tells us how to run our country even if he supposedly is the first president to really help his people.    


We must not miss the point:  Obama who should be the leader of the free world has not only taken a back seat but is leading the way to total chaos and the destruction of America.  Obama the great divider wants us divided, he wants chaos, he wants to be the leader of the WORLD. But first he wants to be reelected in 2012!  He is paving the way for his “Mexican voters” with amnesty or better still an open back door!!  He is setting the stage by embracing the poor Mexicans crossing our borders illegally. We must stay focused.  Our anger should be directed at the Obama Administration, at those elected officials who do Obama’s bidding.   At the Socialist wannabe dictator president we now have and not at the Mexicans.  How can we blame the poor illegal desiring to free himself of Mexico?


We must face reality.  First let us not be naïve, it is about VOTES and yes we also need VOTES to win.  We must unite with our Hispanic and Mexican Americans to win in November.  Statistics show that Texas is predominately of Hispanic or Mexican ethnicity.  Second the Border is not going to be secured until we have the backbone to enforce our laws.  Third we must have Immigration Reform.  We must know who enters our country.  The threat of terrorism is constant.   We have waited too long to address this problem and now it is critical! 


Crying, stomping our feet, screaming and yelling, slurring our neighbors to the South will NOT do the trick.   We must stand united as Americans to rid ourselves of this horrendous plague we now have in DC.  November is fast approaching.  Have you adopted a conservative candidate by volunteering in his campaign, have you contributed money to support your candidate of choice?  If you have not, then you are NOT doing your share to save America!


This report is the combined effort of so many conservatives in action, specifically June L, Mary B, Kathy McL, Joe H, Cindi P, Red Rita, Donna G, Red Fred, Ronnie R, Kathy M, Glenn B, Shar B, and Bill H.  Thank you CIA’s for your personal stories, your comments and your efforts in saving America.  I cry for our America and the great people we still are! 




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Ray Stevens – Come to the USA


Summary of President Felipe Calderon speech May 20, 2010

The President of Mexico started out by stating that “Our commitment is to establish the “rule of law in Mexico”. This fight is not just about stopping the drug cartel but the security of Mexican families.  Security has roots on both sides of the border.  Calderon stated 4 things he was doing to make Mexico more competitive and strong.  We are weakening the criminal’s money.  We are rebuilding our security forces.  We are transforming our criminal system and we are implementing social programs for young people so they do not turn to crime.  He claims to be taking care of business on our side of the border. 


Mexiconeeds your cooperation on assault weapons crossing the border to the US.  I admire the American Constitution. I understand the 2nd amendment BUT many of these guns are not going to honest American hands.  He stated that 75,000 guns and assault weapons were seized in Mexico in 3 years and that 80% come from the US. He blames America on how we regulate our gun laws. He wants us to reinstate the assault weapon ban.  He went on to say that there are 7,000 gun shops along the Mexican border. 


Mexicois going through a deep transformation and that we are turning our economy generating jobs Mexicans need.  Mexico is standing tall as a nation and a people ready to pave the future.  The Mexican economy is strengthening he said.  He also listed these statistics of Extreme Poverty 35M in 1996 to 14M in 2006.  Why do you suppose that is?  Could it be they are coming to America?


Comprehensive immigration reform is crucial for securing our common border strongly.  I disagree with the Arizona Law.  It is a law that ignores the reality and a terrible idea based on racial profiling.  I agree with the president.  We must find together a better way to fix this common problem. 


Mexican President Felipe Calderon says that Arizona's tough new immigration laws are unjust, and will lead to discrimination.


Mexican Pres. Felipe Calderon addressed a Joint Meeting of Congress today on immigration and called Arizona's immigration policy a "law that ignores reality" and "based on racial profiling." Reviewing Mexico's growing crime, Pres. Calderon asked U.S. politicians to reinstate the assault weapons ban.
Washington, DC: 39 min.

If you want to listen to his address go to


Ranking Member Lamar Smith on President Calderon’s Criticism of Arizona Immigration Law


“I was disappointed, because if either President Calderon or President Obama had actually read the law – it’s only 18 pages long – they would’ve seen that the law says four separate times that race or color or national origin cannot be a consideration. So the law goes out of its way to make sure there can’t be any kind of discrimination.”

I just don’t think it’s right for the president of another country to come here and criticize our nation or our states for wanting to stop smuggling, stop drug trafficking, or frankly secure their borders.  It’s a little bit like inviting a guest over dinner and having them criticize the food.” – Ranking Member Smith

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Hispanic Americans represent the second largest population group in the state.



Black persons, percent, 2008 (a)                                                                                                                                                                                       11.9%

American Indian and Alaska Native persons, percent, 2008 (a)



Asian persons, percent, 2008 (a)



Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, percent, 2008 (a)



Persons of Hispanic or Latino origin, percent, 2008 (b)



White persons not Hispanic, percent, 2008




From an Atlanta TV station…


Part 1:


Part 2:

Punishing the good deed

Robert Krentz, another rancher —of Douglas — was killed on his property on March 27. Neighbors worried that his homicide was connected to the increasing border-related violence. The victim had been out checking the water line and fencing on the land his family had owned since 1907.

Robbery, vandalism, and drug smuggling have always been part of the illegal immigration problem in Cochise County. Though murder in those dangerous environs was not unheard of, it was something that cattle ranchers never expected to happen to Robert Krentz.

In 1999, Krentz and his wife told a news reporter that their ranch had been broken into and robbed of $700 worth of items. "And you know," he said, "if they [had] come in and asked for water, I'll give them water. You know, that's just my nature."

The 58-year old property-owner was known as a Good Samaritan who often brought water and helped injured illegal immigrants who tried to cross the desert in an area where summer temperatures often hit 120 degrees.


TexasBorder Coalition Denounces Arizona Immigration Law

By Steve Taylor

McALLEN, May 19 – The Texas Border Coalition has come out strongly against the new Arizona immigration law.

In a statement, the TBC’s chair, Del Rio Mayor Efrain Valdez said the nation’s “broken immigration system” does not justify “violating the principles of justice on which our nation was founded.”

“Gov. Rick Perry should be commended for his leadership in declaring that Arizona’s new immigration statute ‘would not be the right direction for Texas’ and for urging the federal government to properly secure the border and reform immigration,” said Valdez, in the TBC statement.


Wes Vernon

May 3, 2010

Mexico's war on the United States–Part 2

What news reports on Arizona's immigration law are not telling Americans


By Wes Vernon

Because of illegal immigration, eighty-two-year-old widow Theresa Murray was a prisoner in her own home in Douglas, Arizona — a town of about 18 thousand near the Mexican border. The great-grandmother was living in the Arizona desert where she had grown up.

Mrs. Murray informed her interviewer that she sleeps every night with a .32-calibre pistol on her bed table. She had been burglarized thirty times. She lacked the protection of her guard dogs that had been killed after someone tossed meat containing chopped glass over the fence.

September 14, 2009

Mexico's war on the United States


By Wes Vernon

It's bad enough that terrorist-collaborating communists are taking over much of Latin America. Bad enough that their Venezuelan ringleader, Hugo Chavez, confers with Iran's nuclear bomb-making dictator. And bad enough that this alliance has led to the prospect that Iranian missiles may end up south of our border (pointed guess where?), while our own Marxist president apologizes metaphorically for hitting their fists with our chin.

Los Angeles Archbishop to Lead a Rally Against the Arizona Measure


Published: April 30, 2010

Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, archbishop of Los Angeles, will be a leader of Saturday’s march in downtown Los Angeles, where tens of thousands of people are expected to protest Arizona’s new immigration law.

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Cardinal Roger M. Mahony

Immigration Conversations

It is one in a series of appearances the cardinal has scheduled to speak against the law as he steps up his campaign for federal immigration reform, said Tod Tamberg, spokesman for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles. On Thursday, the archdiocese started a Web site,Faces of Immigrants,based on a concept by Cardinal Mahony that “personal stories from immigrants will give a face, or faces, to immigration,” Mr. Tamberg said, “and show people the effect our broken immigration system has on their lives.” The site features three videos of illegal immigrants living in Los Angeles describing their daily lives. Cardinal Mahony conducted the interviews, Mr. Tamberg said, with “people known to us in the community.”

“Rape Trees” Frame Arizona-Mexico Border:

Grim Reminders of Human Trafficking

March 15, 2009

ChattahBox)–A recent report from the Cronkite News Service, a student-run news service of Arizona State University, shed the national spotlight on a new immigration problem plaguing the desert border towns of Arizona: so called “rape trees,” trees on the U.S. side of the border littered with women’s undergarments. Mexican drug cartel members and the coyotes, who smuggle immigrants across the border, are believed to rape the women as soon as they enter U.S. territory to instill fear, intimidate and control them. When the coyote-rapists are finished, they hang the women’s panties from the trees as trophies to mark their brutal conquests.

These “rape trees” are becoming more common along the Arizona border counties of Pima and Cochise, as coyotes and drug cartel members find human trafficking more lucrative than drug smuggling. With the shrinking U.S. economy and high un-employment rate, fewer and fewer Mexican immigrants are crossing the borders for work. As the Mexican authorities push back against the drug cartels, it’s getting harder to smuggle drugs across the border. The result is the increased smuggling of young women, who are immediately forced into prostitution and slavery.



April 08 Naco, Arizona
Interview with border rancher John Ladd, as he points out the devastation laid to his property from illegal crossings.

He counted at least a thousand a week, a number that keeps growing.

April 08 Huachucas Mountains, Arizona/Mexican Border.
We investigate this active corridor loaded with drug traffic and human smuggling. Equipped with protective gear in potentially dangerous brush.

Jan 08 San Diego area gas station
We interviewed the Minutemen that were there to protest the presence of the day laborers, men who look for work by waiting to be picked up.

The document states that since 1996, Mexican military personnel have crossed into the following Border Patrol sectors:

• San Diego County, 17 times
• El Centro, 58
• Yuma, Ariz., 24
• Tucson, Ariz., 39
• El Paso, Texas, 33
• Marfa, Texas, 8
• Del Rio, Texas, 3
• Laredo, Texas, 6
• Rio Grande Valley, Texas, 28

White House officials would not comment on the map and referred questions to officials at the Department of Homeland Security.


This area is located in a wash, approximately 1.5 miles long, just south of Tucson, Arizona.


Migrant Warning Posters:  Don't Do It! It's Hard! There's Not Enough Water!

These posters are distributed widely in churches, shelters, shops and other locations on the south side of the U.S.-Mexican border. They warn migrants in stark terms about the dangers they face trying to cross into the United States illegally, on foot through the desert, despite what human smugglers tell them. The estimated walking times from entry points are highlighted, as are the sites of migrant deaths and the location of water stations.


·         Migrants Deaths, Rescue Beacons, Water Stations 2000-2007

·         Migrant Deaths, Water Stations, Rescue Beacons FY 2000-2004

·         Arizona, California Migrant Deaths; Cell Tower Overlay FY 2000-2004

·         Recorded deaths for individual years: FY 2004 | FY 2003 | FY 2002







Only this year did I finally see a Border Patrol Helicopter.  Our ranch is just a few miles from Hebbronville where there is a check point on Hwy16.  This check point is about a 30 minute drive from the ranch so even if I call to report seeing the usual 10 to 20 illegals crossing, the Border Patrol are always too late. At night they drive 80mph through our ranch to get to the highway.  I can see them coming in from the deer blind so I have had to take a see no evil, do no evil, hear no evil approach because it is futile and dangerous.  


We are working against ourselves.  It seems that the law enforcers, border patrol, judges, etc refuse to do their jobs by looking the other way.  Who knows how much money they put in their pockets to look the other way?  I say to all our politicians come stay a while and live on the border and understand the reality of the situation.  If our law enforcers are on the take, which can not be proved, there will never be an end to the illegals crossing. 


The drug cartels have taken Falcon Lake but I can tell you that it is the #1 fishing spot in America.  It is too bad….but I still fish there with great care and my gun by my side!

Rodney M

Spring Branch, TX


What is sad is, we are still the majority and we take this crap like lazy white people without any influence. It is obvious obama is a socialist with motives to drive the Hispanic and black votes up. Hispanics just passed the blacks in population and they are about 13% of the USA pop and the blacks are around 12%. We have to get the ……….. out that are illegal and put pressure on the borders, but won’t just do it via emails. We all have to get involved in local/state and national groups to put pressure on the scum bags who dictate to the majority.

Mike D

Fair OaksRanch, TX


This is part of the reason States are passing immigration laws. The Government has been lying to us for years. This is not about race….there is a bigger story here that the politicians do not want you to know, after all they swore an oath to protect the country from enemies foreign and domestic….A duty that they have failed in miserably.

Glenn B

New Braunfels, TX


How to get people — legal or illegal, to go home who are already in this country and already using it as a crutch!?! Again, at law-abiding, tax-paying citizens expense!  Personally, I just want to make sure not a single other one gets in here to start with, not even on any kind of work or tech allowances, until the U.S. has some kind of handle on the current situation. Slam those doors shut — NOW, and don't even allow a crack before we have a firm (not exclusively left-wing-perceived) handle on the current situation!!!  I do not feel very compassionate any more now that literally every aspect of my daily life is so affected by CHANGE, particularly relative to Medicare and insurance coverage as a cancer survivor. I'm becoming more of an isolationist by the second. 

Kati McL

New Braunfels, TX


Americans must carry their driver’s license if driving and if not they should have some type of I.D on their person.  So what is so difficult for non citizens to carry theirs?  Praise to Arizona for standing up for their rights

Warren & Ann A

Bulverde, TX


I have misgivings about fining employers.  It seems to me that fines would run contrary to the Free Enterprise System.  Yes, stop the illegal entry of immigrants across our border but ease the process of obtaining visas and ultimately, citizenship!

Shouldn’t employers be free to hire those who are willing to do the work?


Canyon Lake, TX


Hi Sonja,


I have been thinking about this and the more I think about it the more I believe we need to stop illegal immigration once and for all.  I received an e-mail recently (you probably got it also) that said three Presidents, Hoover, Truman and Eisenhower, actually had the millions of illegals' here picked up and returned to their country.  This sounds harsh but, considering the ramifications of what the alternative is, I would not be against this.  I am absolutely against Amnesty!  


Our Country has huge problems and many of them are related to the illegal immigrant issue.  Drug issues and terrorist issues are two big ones.  I give Arizona credit.  How can anyone fault Arizona, with (or even without) all the problems they have been having, for enforcing Federal Law?  And how dare people, and especially politicians, including our mayor here in San Antonio, take up for the illegal immigrant instead of protecting the legal citizens.  These illegals' are in our face, protesting in our streets and waving their flags without fear of being deported.  It's ridiculous that we're putting up with this. Many of these people don't even want to be American Citizens and wouldn't, even if amnesty were given them.  (I had employees, working here legally for years, who chose NOT to get their citizenship even when amnesty was given the last time.)  Truthfully, some have no desire to become Americans.  They merely want to enjoy the benefits we offer here.  


Many Mexicans come here to work and then send the money back into Mexico to help support their families.  I feel for these people.  I love these people.  But, we cannot allow the United States to be a "free for all" with no controls.  There are ways for foreigners to come to the United States legally.  My employees were here legally.  They had green cards or whatever.  And I have to tell you that they were by far the best employees.  They cared about their jobs and worked very hard.  They appreciated the opportunity to be here.  Some of them worked with us for over 20 years.  And those are the kind of immigrants we want, not the people who come here to take advantage of our welfare system.  So, maybe they do not want to be citizens and are only able to come on work visas.  Fine.  But, we have to have some controls in place.  We are the "land of opportunity".  Let us give "opportunity" to people.  But, think about it.  If they don't want to become citizens, so be it.  The good news about that is that they can't vote!


So, bottom line, we may want to make it okay for people to come here to work, under certain conditions.  But, we need to have controls in place.  (Though they pay into the social security system, maybe they should not be able to collect unless they become American Citizens. (This could actually help our bankrupted system.)  It costs, to my understanding, $700.00 to apply for citizenship. So, there is some investment required on the applicant’s part and this is good.  


Another problem I have heard about is people who are here because their families have migrated here and, in truth, they have no place else to go.  I know of an elderly person who has not become a citizen because she does not speak English well enough and cannot pass the test for citizenship.  But, she lives with her children who are citizens, as they must care for her.  There should be exceptions for these people who are here with their children (care-givers) and are willing to become citizens but are not able to pass the test.  (It is sad to say, but many of the people who do pass the citizenship test know more about our Country than we do.)  Also, the opposite is a problem.  There are people here whose children are not citizens but their parents are.  I know someone whose entire family are American Citizens but one child was over age when they finally moved here from Mexico and so was not allowed to come in.  She was stopped at the border.  (Now, the drug cartels don't seem to have a problem.)  Can you imagine leaving your 18 year old daughter alone in Mexico when she is not allowed to come into the States with the rest of her family?


I believe the order of business concerning this issue is to:  First, secure our borders to keep the problem from expanding and second, enforce the laws that are already on our books, as Arizona is doing. Then we need to consider our other options.  We should put rules in place concerning Worker's Comp, Food Stamps, Health Care, etc.  We, as taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for people who are not citizens of these United States.  If they care enough and want to benefit from our Country, then they will pledge their allegiance and become law abiding citizens.


I have two sons-in laws and one future son-in-law who have come here from elsewhere.  They have all become citizens.  They are here because they want to be here.  They love the countries they came from and, of course, the families they have left there.  But, they know that to be truly successful in the "Land of Opportunity" they need to be a part of it.  They want to belong here and be a part of our great nation.  


There is a lot of work to be done on this issue.  We need to be very careful.  But, we can start with the basics of securing our borders and following our own laws.  Then we can proceed cautiously on how to solve the many problems that are involved for the benefit of all concerned.

Sandy K

San Antonio, TX


My grandparents came to this country with hopes and dreams which they succeeded in obtaining by first, learning the language of their new country, and second, becoming a citizen of their new country.  No one gave them anything.  They worked for every thing they had.  What's changed?  Why do illegals come to this country and expect us to take care of them with no effort on their part?  This must stop and it must stop now.
One more thing, let them go to Russia, China, Bolivia, Cuba, Valenzuela, North Korea, Iran or wherever, and try towave an American flag there  ~~  game over.

Gene V

San Antonio, TX


After seeing Mr. Obama stand with a foreign president (Calderon) and trash Americans for trying to protect ourselves and then declare that there are really no borders for fear that our law enforcement officers would "racially profile" people.  I would say to him and all the others who agree with him that if we (the people) cannot be trusted to defend ourselves because of "profiling" others, then  the United States government should also not 'profile' by selecting those 'minorities' who will receive preferential treatment in school admissions, bank loans, etc., after all 'profiling' is profiling.

I have sent the Governor of Arizona a letter commending her and the state legislature for taking on what the Federal government is constitutionally supposed to do…protect our borders.

Veronica B

San Antonio, TX



Dear Senators Boxer and Feinstein:

As one of your constituents and a frequent contributor of my thoughts to you, I am forwarding this vivid message to you in hopes that you will see what your “open borders” ideology has contributed to the landscape of our good friend and neighbor Arizona.  You should be ashamed for allowing this condition to exist.  You should be outraged and disgusted by the human tragedies experienced by the poor and ignorant illegal aliens pouring through our open borders to take advantage of the “free lunch” and “fairness” policies that you continue to support.  Use what time you have left in office to secure our borders and allow your hard working and tax-paying legal citizen constituents the use of their declining resources [due to the cost our government imposes upon us  to support countless illegal aliens] their own families and loved ones. 

See you in November!


Paul “Patrick” McC – Rancho Santa Margarita, CA




Let us stand with Governor Jan Brewer

And tell Washington DC to “Do your JOB”!



Texas Senator John Cornyn


Texas Senator Kay B Hutchison


ALL Senators of the 111th Congress







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