Economic Collapse – Pretext for WW3 – Rick Wiles clip – 10 Signs of Impending World War

Rick Wiles  

Date: Mon, May 24, 2010   
Subject: 10 Pieces of Evidence that WW3 is Upon Us

1 – Turning Point 4 Israeli defense preparations in 68 Cities for a potential war attack upon Israel.  

2 – Northern Command Mtngs in Israel to determine war readyness. 

3 – Obama lifts S300 missle sanctions off 3 Russian Companies that sell weapons to Iran

4 – Iran has promised a war with Israel this summer, well it's nearly summer.

5 – N Y Times says North Korea leader ordered the attack on the South Korea ship 

6 – South Korea vows to be proactive in their defense against North Korea. Inter Korean Waters Embargo

7 – Obama supports South Korea and has ordered troops to coordinate closely with South Korea

8 – America to participate in 2 South Korea readyness exercises.  

9 – South Korea arrests a No Korean spy that has stolen a Emergency Response Manual for So Korea 

10 – Freedom Floatila from Ireland and Greece and Turkey on it's way to help people in the Gaza Strip is being held up by Israel.  3 Cargo and 5 passenger ships were under way as a Humanitarian Effort

On Tru News Rick Wiles has been speaking out of Biblical issues for years.  This broadcast is a significant one because of all the details he covers.  



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