Restore America Plan – New Disclosures – Legacy Accounts May Be On their Way

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John McHaffie

Date: Wed, May 26, 2010   
Subject: Restore America Plan – What Is Happening NOW !



This email pertains to ALL Americans and ALL Americans will benefit, not just those in the programs.



Restore America Plan – What is happening NOW!

I have received several communications from RAP insiders. The consensus of these messages are as follows:

1) Very positive – R A P orders may be positioned for synchronous actions by next week.

2) Sovereignty of the America Republic has ALREADY BEEN SIGNED OFF and AGREED TO BY THE WORLD, especially China.

3) Announcements may be imminent (could be on the Monday night news)  and will occur during the Prosperity packets distribution. The announcements may be shocking to many.

4) All the major Banking and Illuminati players have succumbed and already signed off.

5) The internal difficulties within the Restore America members may be addressed soon.

6) The secrecy mode of the RAP activities may be removed as the government officials removals become common knowledge in the mass media.

GOD Bless You And Yours,

GOD Bless America Again,

John MacHaffie


"A free people claim their rights
as derived from the laws of nature,
and not as the gift of their chief
–Thomas Jefferson






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