Humbug & Relief Mine – Ogden Kraut

Around here if you take a stand and speak out you can become a target.  

This didn't stop Ogden Kraut for making a stand for his beliefs and over his findings.  

The L D S “ Mormon, “ Church eventually excommunicated Ogden Kraut for what he was saying publicly and for his practice of the principle of plural marriage.  

These days everybody is a skeptic.  

These days there is mounting evidence of the financial collapse that is about to occur for America and around the world.  

In this interview Ogden Kraut gives even more of the details of Bishop Koyle's prophetic dreams and his instructions regarding the gold mine in the mountains of Salem, Utah.  

It would have been easier for Ogden to walk away and avoid the pressure of his public stand for his convictions.

In this neck of the woods men run when they have been invited by me to have a public discussion about these things.  

Ogden Kraut never backed down.

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