Interview with Victoria Lillenquist

What we think we know can truly keep us from learning.  

I arranged this interview between Dr Jack Stockwell and Victoria Lillenquist.  

Victoria says that her first visitation by off worlders occurred as she was just 5 years old.  More than 108 planets are represented on earth as they brought and seeded their own people upon the earth.  

Many of the people around you and me are in fact people from another planet – family and most of us have no clue about any of that history.  

Have you heard of the Pleiades Star System or the O'ryan Star System or the Andromeda Star System etc…  

Planet earth is going through major earth changes.  Many of the off worlder communities are observing their people on the earth.  

Is mother earth supposed to serve us?  Are we here to serve the earth and people on it?  

At you can find more of the evidence Victoria has gathered with her video camera and with 1st hand alien visitations.  

On this interview Victoria discloses that Alien ships would be flying over the Salt Lake skies during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

Listen to the interview with Victoria Lillenquist:

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