N W O – U S Navy Vessels appear to be Unloading U N and Russian Equip and Troops

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Date: Fri, May 24, 2010   
Subject: U S Navy Ships appear to be unloading U.N. and Russian Equip & Troop at San Diego Base



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26 Responses to “N W O – U S Navy Vessels appear to be Unloading U N and Russian Equip and Troops”

  1. Saraton G says:

    Illuminati forces have been spotted approximately 300 miles west of Austin Texas. Moving in two groups toward south east and south west. Many Russian transport aircraft have been spotted on the ground in the area. Will attempt to post some photographs.

    • RJ says:

      Some pictures and perhaps an interview would be awesome, to substantiate this story. We’ve been hearing that many Out of America Troops ar stationed in Out of the Way sites all over the States. It seemsw that from all directions America is now in a lot of trouble. God Bless America!

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