The Life of Ogden Kraut

Ogden Kraut was a convert to the LDS Church, “ the Mormons. “  

Coming to grips with the truth of the Book of Mormon and gaining a conviction that Joseph Smith was a modern day Prophet in his day are a couple of the vivid transitions that people go through after they join the L D S Church.  

In the oceans there are all kinds of fish.  In the Mormon Church there are all kinds of members, people with varying degrees of religious understanding.  Some men and women simply do what they are told by their clergy leaders.  Some people worship Jesus and try to fit in with changing leadership and policies.  A few people go off, on their own and pursue their own study, gaining their own understanding of things.  

Joseph Smith used to teach and practice doctrines that the main Church today keeps trying to put behind them.  

You can't hide the true history of the L D S Church.  

Ogden Kraut became a Sunday School teacher.  Easy, P C answers to gospel questions were not enough for him.  

Before Ogden Kraut passed away his reputation proceeded him and most people either loved him or hated him.  Ogden Kraut's life became a living example to ' all of the truths, “ that Joseph Smith used to espouse.  

Ogden Kraut became a prolific writer on significant Principles of the Gospel that Joseph Smith used to teach and live.  As Ogden Kraut continued to research he would share the  true documentation of the true Mormon History that he found.  

A few Mormon researchers love the research and documentation that Ogden Kraut has offered to the public.  Ogden Kraut was famous for documenting the true history of polygamy and the Adam-God Doctrine and Blood Atonement and the Dream Mine, just to name a few.

Most Mormons have never heard of Ogden Kraut's work and if they did they would disdain him and his claims.  

There are many Ultra Mormon sects, “ Mormon Fundamentalists, “ and some of these thousands and thousands of followers of Joseph Smith appreciate some of Ogden Kraut's work and some fundamentalists despise Ogden's work.  

Whether you choose to love Ogden Kraut or hate Ogden Kraut at least here is 1 man who risked everything to follow his convictions and he was willing to discuss these things publicly.

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4 Responses to “The Life of Ogden Kraut”

  1. I choose love Ogden Kraut … He is inspired by God.

    • RJ says:

      I interviewed Ogden Kraut several times.

      Ogden Kraut stood by his principles and he spent his life teaching people about Jesus, from where he saw it.

      What ever your opinion may be, there is a lot of truth that Kevin Kraut was willing to share, without expecting to be paid for it.

  2. Jerry Parker says:

    L.D.S. Mormonism has only a porous wall between teaching and practising what it espouses now and what it has done so in the past. My own maternal grandfather (who died in the early 1960s) was married 22 times, hence a polygamist since at any one time he was married to several women simultaneously. He was not a “Mormon Fundamentalist”, either. I don`t know how much 19th century Mormon teachings predisposed him to marry so many times; perhaps this was due to other matters, but marry, marry, and marry again, without divorces, was what he did.

    • RJ says:

      Marrying 22 times has nothing to do with Mormonism.

      Athletes, Politicians, Big Business People and others operate behind closed without any set of rules.

      Marriage is all about loving somebody and beging committed.

      My 3rd Great Grandfather was a personal bodyguard to Joseph Smith. Philo Dibble was adopted as a son by Joseph Smith.

      With my own eyes and my own experience I have seen bad expressions and good expressions of the Mormon style of polygamy.

      Don’t blame the Mormon Church for somebody who never committed to a woman… Don’t blame Joseph Smith for the abandonment of women and children by this grandfather of yours.

      I have seen good examples of Celestial Marriage. I have seen bad examples.

      Marrying a woman and walking away is not marriage. These marriage covenants we make involve God. He will not hold us blameless if we abuse and abandon His daughters.

      Be Free, Robert Hender, R J

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