Jesus Was Married – Ogden Kraut

The notion that Jesus was married angers many people who call themselves a Christian.

You are not a Christian is the claim that most Christians will throw at people who do hold closely the belief that Jesus had children.  

Ogden Kraut did not hide in fear over the wave of attacks he received by standing up and declaring to the world that indeed Jesus was married.  

In this interview, Ogden Kraut lays out his evidence, from the Bible and from statements of Joseph Smith that Jesus was married and that Jesus had children and even that Jesus had a couple of wives.  

Does that make you angry?  

If Jesus did have a wife and children does this diminish His Glory?  

Some people claim that it takes a woman in order to turn a boy into a man.  

Some people would claim that it takes a special kind of woman to stand with Jesus and to walk through life with Jesus as his Partner.  

Thee are things about Mary Magdeline that you and I may never fully understand.  

What are you afraid of?  

Is Ogden Kraut right or are his claims wrong?

Listen to Ogden Kraut:

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4 Responses to “Jesus Was Married – Ogden Kraut”

  1. Troy says:

    Could you post a link to this that is downloadable? I would love to have more freedom while listening (be able to fast forward, rewind, and put on my ipod).

    The interview is great but the presentation (the tool that allows us to listen to it) seriously sucks big=).


    • RJ says:

      Ogden Kraut is now dead. I interviewed him many times and I made sure to record these interviews from a Radio Station in Salt Lake. These interviews always caused me grief by the Station Ownership. We do have a right to know. Every time that somebody has publicly tried to speak about these issues some kind of punishment was exacted upon them. On this website, I am doing my best to share with you work that I did by interviewing Ogden Kraut years ago.

  2. Troy says:


    Thanks! I am very appreciative of your Ogden Kraut interviews and know that he has passed away. What I would like would be to be able to download the interviews and put them on my ipod. That way I could download all of your Kraut interviews and listen to them at my leisure.

    As of right now I can’t even push pause on the recording without it starting over again.

    I like your interviews, could you find a better way to allow your readers access to them?

    Thanks. You can always email me as well, I think we might have a lot in common, I really like your site. yesterday I watched a couple hours of David Wilcock videos that you have posted. He is one interesting guy.


  3. Adam says:

    Which part in this interview does he talk about Jesus being married? It seems like this might be a different show about polygamy.

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