Joseph Smith – Ogden Kraut

Gossip is easy to participate in.  Speaking about somebody behind their back is nearly an  American favorite Sport.  

In this interview Ogden Kraut shares many aspects of the life of Joseph Smith which many Mormons aren't aware of.  

Joseph Smith was assassinated back in 1844 at Carthage Jail in Missouri and his blood still stains the soil there.  Joe is still assaulted verbally by people all over and he's not even here to defend himself.  

Even Joseph Smith used to comment, “ …no man knows my history. “  

Many denominations of Christians claim today that they have the right to hear the whisperings of the Holy Spirit and yet they attack this Joseph Smith again and again…  

Did Joseph Smith actually see God the Father and Jesus?  

Did Joseph Smith actually acquire the “ golden plates, “ Book of Mormon record and did he have angelic help to translate the ancient American Indian records?  

Ogden Kraut will probably surprise you with surprising details in the life of the early Mormon leader who claims that he saw God.  

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