Prophecy – Gulf Oil Spill – God’s Judgements Have Begun – Nathan Leal 

Date: Sat, May 29, 2010    
Subject: Message 152 – Latest Prophetic Warning by Nathan Leal 
How to Deal with these HARSH things – God's Judgement Has Begun  


Latest Watchman's Cry Message by Nathan Leal

 Message #152  Oil Eruption in the Gulf  Poison Waters

PS – Please hear the Whole Message, It Is Very Important!

And the Holy Spirit said: "Prepare to see the Poisoning of the Water…!" ( A prophecy April 2008) – Nathan Leal


Topics in this audio:

1. Judgment has Begun! Why are these things happening?
2. The Oil Eruption in the Gulf of Mexico.
3. How bad will it get?
4. Why this event will be HARSH!!
5. A Sermon on how to deal with these things.


This is a very important message that everyone must hear!

God Bless You,


Nathan Leal – The Watchman's Cry

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