Economic Collapse – Fraud Game by Fed Reserve – Interpol Arrests are Pending

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For these old boys to get themselves in this mess.. they had to be in a position where the Department of Justice/U.S.
Secret Service would not investigate Criminal Activities.. See: Department of Justice, Deputy AG, Jamie Gorelick's inter-office Memo "Do not investigate"


[These sites are mirrored because they have a tendency to disappear after being exposed to the Public at Large]


This DO NOT INVESTIGATE has covered up a 'murder'.. in order this 'unlawful' "Securitization" of property, secured by "Identity Theft" of Nevada Corporation which the CEO was murdered by those involved in this "Criminal Activity" of Economic Espionage, Financial Terrorism, Treason and Sedition [see: Public Notice ] article continues;read=172004

TOP level involvement in the attempted 'take down' of the United States of America's Banking, Econics and Financial System Tuesday, December 19, 2006 7:15 PM Subject: MORE 9/11 CANTOR FITZGERALD, GOLDMAN SACHS, FED. R., UST, BUSH ETAL 'FINANCIAL TERRORISM'
How much gold was stored in the basement of the WTC? Enough to cover the two unauthorized $120 Billion Dollar Transactions which used our GOLD COLLATERAL on the ONE TIME ONLY BONUS 3392 COMMODITY CONTRACT and THE CERTIFICATE OF DEBT 181 which was underwritten by CANTOR FITZGERALD & GOLDMAN SACHS. You will find a partial list of those involved in the Archives at listed under the TEXAS TWO STEP articles.

There were two transactions; One transaction in DUTCH MARKS another in JAPANESE YEN. Term of Contract; 10 years or until the U.S. Dollar was exhausted. Contracts began Sept. 12, 1991.

Not many remember the terrible ramifications of these transactions authorized by PRESIDENT GEORGE H.W. BUSH, James Brady III, Alan Greenspan… which created a banking failure in Germany, France, Japan, England and elsewhere, and the unexpected later PRESIDENT William J. Clinton, and his involvement with his $120 Billion Dollars, Israel and her Cassinos on Palestinian Soils which needed an airport to accomodate..this agreement was with Netanyahoo (sic). Israel's TRANS TECH INTERNATIONAL was the Agents here in the U.S. of A. and Israel.

The intelligence file documents linked throughout this piece are significant because the evidence not only provides proof of suspicious and clandestine shipments of U.S. currency between foreign countries, but also that counterfeit debt instruments involving fraud in the U. S. banking system were due the day after the 9.11 attacks. Did the White House, Congress and the 9.11 Commission obstruct justice regarding this evidence?

It appears there was a Revised 9/11 Commission Determination of December 2008.. to finally disclose the FRAUDULENT USE and UNLAWFUL SECURITIZATION BY THE WHITE HOUSE, U.S. FED. RESERVE, U.S. DEPT. OF THE TREASURY of DURHAM HOLDING TRUST, TIAS 12087 "GOLD COLLATERAL" using the unlawful securitized collateral in the BRADY BONDS FINANCIAL TERRORISM which ultimately at the end of the "10 year term existence, or to remain in effect until the US Dollar Provider is "Exhausted" which terminated on or about 9/11/01

There are between 6,000 and 280,000 tonnes of illegal, stolen gold stored in bullion banks throughout the world. This gold needs to be laundered. This gold has been stolen from the national treasuries of the Philippines, Soviet Union, France, and Czechoslovakia. There are numerous sources that identify George Bush Sr. and Adnan Khashoggi, with Ferdinand Marcos, as extensively involved in the theft of the Philippines treasury.

2. Commodity experts that watch the gold market have made claims that significant, inexplicable amounts of gold were showing up in the market throughout the 1990s. These increases are attributed to ¡®gold futures¡¯ sales -in the absence of any other explanation.

3. There has been no known formal investigation into the possible laundering of this gold other than possibly the FBI investigation buried in the World Trade Center. This investigation was linked to the GATA/Howe lawsuit against the bullion banks, including the Deutsche Bank.

4. A significant group of powerful individuals, with demonstrated links to the movement of illegal gold, have been directly involved in the creation of a gold producing company, which was in a court battle over the legality of some of its trades. (It resulted in a sealed agreement in January of 2006.) A significant group of these individuals have a history of connections to money laundering activity. These groups include George Bush Sr., Adnan Khashoggi, Khalid bin Mahfouz and Edgar Bronfman.

5. The success of this company in gold hedging defies expert industry expert comprehension. The company has been extremely successful mining land that industry experts thought was ¡°doubtful¡± in its potential. These inexplicable conditions could be explained under a hypothesis of gold laundering.

6. Two of the individuals (Khashoggi and Mahfouz) that started, controlled and owned significant portions of this gold company are the same people that started, controlled and owned a company that staged and ¡®trained¡¯ eleven of the 9/11 hijackers, who were involved in the destruction of the World Trade Center. This ¡®terrorist¡¯ event effectively ended the FBI investigation of global gold trades this company was involved in.

G. German, Swiss, Russian and Saudi financial executives, combined with their U.S. business partners (Carlyle Group) initially requested the attack on the World Trade Center for the purposes of:

1. Stopping a series of on-going FBI and other federal agency investigations which were in the process of exposing multi-billion dollar, illegal, gold and money laundering activities and securities fraud. Tracking transactions into and out of accounts of individuals associated with these investigations would have exposed the

¡ñ illegal retention of the national bullion treasuries of the Soviet Union, the Philippines, France, Czechoslovakia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Angola and more, as well as

¡ñ the major participation of the ¡°Bush Family¡± in the Bank of New York/Russian Mafiya money-laundering scandal, with its ultimate source of funding in the Bardy/Durham bond fraud of September 11, 1991;

2. Destroying potentially incriminating Deutschebank and US Export-Import bank records and investigative reports (FBI, SEC, Secret Service, IRS, US Customs, NY State Tax Auditors) associated with those gold and money laundering and securities fraud activities;

3. Enhancing their competitiveness and short term profitability in the European investment banking market; and

4. Revenge against ¡°United States and its economy¡± for past economic transgressions against the German banking industry.

H. The pinpointed targets of the 9/11 hijackers were the North Tower (FBI offices on floors 23 and 24 and the Cantor Fitzgerald offices), Building 7 (various Federal investigative agencies), the Pentagon (Office of Naval Investigation), and the South Tower (Eurobrokers and the NY State Tax Investigation Department). Flight 93, delayed for 40 minutes at the gate and downed in Pennsylvania, was probably intended for Building 7. Building 6 (US Customs) was destroyed by an internal explosion. These buildings were targeted because they housed the investigative offices and evidence of multiple investigations into money and gold laundering and securities fraud.

I. There are seven conditions pertinent to the collapse of Building 7 that are not explained by any official explanation of the events at the WTC. These seven conditions are all explained with the theory of ¡®targeted destruction.¡¯ This report concludes that within minutes of it being known that Building 7 was not going to be hit by a third plane, it was ordered evacuated by an unknown individual so that incendiary explosions could be ignited without the presence of witnesses. These devices would have targeted federal and bank offices on multiple floors. The 9/11 Commission Report and FEMA have been unable to explain: continues at

A direct hit on Cantor Fitzgerald on 9/11/01 near 10 years to the date of the 9/12/91 Contracts
contains 300+ pages of information and confirmation of un-authorized of
Durham Holding Trust "Collateral" for BRADY BONDS etc, and more etc's..
[Not for sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office ISBN ]

Collateral Damage U.S. Covert Operations and the…
Collateral Damage U.S. Covert Operations and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11 2001_28062008. intelligence Russia banking covert foreign policy Government-US-Federal

Collateral-Damage-US-Covert-Operations-and-the-Terrorist-Attacks-on-September-11-200128062008.htm and on to





[snip] H L Menkin once said;

"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats."

There are days, believe me.

But, there are also days when you just need to set back, and let the scoundrels of the world do it to their self.

There is an unwritten law of Creation which only allows one enough rope to hang ones self.

In other words, what goes around, comes around.

There will be much hand-wringing and 'gnashing of teeth' – in certain circles – in the coming weeks.

The important point of focus is to not let those who created the mess make you feel responsible for it – they will try.

In other words – let the MSM talking heads sweat it out without your attention.

That which ye sow – so shall ye also reap.

No matter who you are – you can't avoid the consequences of choice.




Rayelan wrote a great article trying to figure out what is going on and why the 'distance' is suddenly growing between the infamous Chicago's 'Old LaSalle Banking Boyz'..

Netanyahu was supposed to meet with President Obama in Washington yesterday. Evidently President Obama knew that the meeting would not happen because he left Washington DC for Chicago.

Why did he go to Chicago? No one wanted him there including GOD. excellent read continues;read=174578



Recall the stories of a mid-December landing of a planeload of Interpol agents and cops. Recall the announcement by President Obama in January of strong subpoena power granted to Interpol operating in the United States, a story that should have sent shivers through the press networks. Instead, it was duly reported and forgotten, a typical syndicate tactic.

The subpoena power is not to be dismissed. It enables Interpol agents and cops to obtain documents, to force testimony, and to investigate with some teeth. My source tells of how the Interpol has been ON THE GROUND IN THE UNITED STATES FOR
MONTHS doing their work, building a case against corrupt bankers. The same source told of how last August 2009, at least thirty former USDept Treasury officials and Wall Street executives together appealed to Interpol, turned state's evidence, and were granted asylum. They arrived with much damaging evidence in the form of documents, emails, CDs, trading logs, and personal testimony.

The information gained has been used for several months in criminal investigations of very high order. Much progress has come, but it is not shared publicly. Finally, lists are being compiled for Arrest Warrants of US & UK & West Europe bankers and politicians complicit with banking center corruption. The story mentioned London bankers working for Goldman Sachs as having their passports lifted. More to come on this showdown. It begs the question who delivers the warrants and what happens if an F.U. is given in reply, especially if armed bodyguards are present.

The list reportedly reads like a Who's Who, continues at;read=174566



Take note of the following as this is and was the catylist of the WTC 9/11 Incident:

1991. Sept. 12. A transaction consisting of 120B$ GOLD was put down through TRANS TECH INTERNATIONAL at this address MOSHAV YISHI 68, ISRAEL.
This Israel operation took this down through :001 & :002 (U.S. DEPT OF THE TREASURY & U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE BANK) in 30 BILLION DOLLAR USD INCREMENTS.

A. This involved the JAPANESE YEN and DUTCH MARK
a. TRANSACTION CODE: 091291/JY/USD/30B/001 and 091291/DM/30B/002 "four of these transactions went down."

b. Provisions of the Agreement(s) (not signed or authorized by the Signatories of Bonus 3392-181) "Transactions to continue until the U.S. DOLLAR WAS EXHAUSTED." (Interpol has the Agreement, and the PAYOUT ORDERS on these transactions) (as does the U.S. Security Exchange, Washington, DC Offices), and

c. TERM OF CONTRACT 10 YEARS scheduled to pay out on or about 9/11/02.




** There was involvement, at that time with a HAMILTON & HYUN Investment Corp. (Korean) further involved with USSR GOVERNMENT LOAN FACILITY, TRANSACTION CODE – TBC: 11AM/WS/9102 further identifying;

Note: The involvement with the Korean Hamilton & Hyun Investment Corp. should explain a lot regarding this North Korea and S. Korea situation..

And now.. we go to Russia's involvement:

1. Prime Minister of Yakutsko, Mr. K. Ivanov,

2. Deputy P.M. of Yakutsko, Mr. D. Popov,

3. Bank of Foreign & Economic Affairs, Moscow, Mr. E. Sadovsky,

4. Prodintor for Yakutsko (Buying Arm), Mr. Ermilin.



and 09/1291/JPY/USD/30B/001

and 09/1291/JPY/USD/30B/001 and


to which the payorder identifies the following accounts:
THE SECOND PARTY (ref: pg. 1)

Name: Trans Tech International
Address: Moshav Yishi 68, Israel
Represented by: Jonathan Tiede

BONUS BANKING (ref. pg. 3):

Bank Name: Security Pacific Bank
Address: 26929 102 NW

Stanwood, WA 98292
Routing ABA: 125000037
Account No. 1530113241
Bank Officer: Don Swanson
Phone No. (206)629-2141 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (206)629-2141





Bank Name: Chase Manhattan Bank, NYC, New York
Address: Main Office
Account Name: DFG, Inc-Palm Springs Stars Baseball Club, Inc.
(** DFG, Inc-Palm Springs Stars Baseball Club, Inc, associated through NEAL BUSH, NSA, NASA & HUDD -JACK KEMP, NICHOLAS BRADY, ALAN GREENSPAN, ARIEL LIFE SYSTEMS affiliated with NASA.)
Routing ABA: 0210-0021 F/A GOLDMAN SACHS A/C 930-1-011-/183,
Account No. FCC TO DFT, INC. A/C 027-020882039
Federal Tax Id: 33-0457266
Transaction Code: 09/1291/DM/USD/30B/002


Address: 55 Water Street

New York, NY
c/o Sherson Lehman Brothers
Account No: 02100128 for the account number 066027209

Further credit to Daryl Pennington & Assoc.

Account No. 673155413201


Federal Tax ID:S 88-02443380
Corp. ID No. 1707-85
Bank Name: Boatman's National Bank of Belleville, IL
Address: 23 Public Square

Belleville, Illinois
Routing ABA: 081001413
Account No. 011503029697-0407 Russell Herman & V.K. Durham as individuals

***Note No. 1. All four transactions went down through the same Banks & Brokerage Houses facilitated by the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury (001) and the U.S. Federal Bank (002).

INTERPOL was brought in to investigate because THE WHITE HOUSE "DOJ" had been ordered: DO NOT INVESTIGATE.



























































































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    Great information I have Tweeted this, I will keep a eye on your other posts. Ohh what do you all think about the about the israel attack?

    • RJ says:

      Me and My Webmaster are working diligently so that these resources – these stories are available for everybody. Banks have no money to give. Banks take a signed mortgage and then monetize it by selling it to a 2nd bank and another 2nd bank and another 2nd bank and another 2nd bank. Each of the 2nd bank sells the ” original mortgage, they may think ” to a 3rd bank again and again and again and again… It’s a Ponzee Scheme at the highest level.

    • RJ says:

      Barry Chamish has some opinions on the attack by Israel on that Floatilla on it’s way to the Gaza Strip. I will be interviewing Barry Chamish on the 23rd of June. It appears that Rahm Emanuel struck a deal with Ehud Barak to attack the floatilla in order to shed some bad light on Netanyahoo. As the press grabbed this event and they’ve been smearing over here and smearing over there, it hasn’t felt right. There is much more going on there, than what we have been told about.

    • RJ says:

      On my website I have more of these issues covered. Barry Chamish sent his report to me and I posted it recently. I also have articles in the Restore America Plan corner on more of the details of what a Bank does with somebody’s Mortgage. Most Americans are completely unaware of these fraud details. We do have a right to know and the Main Press isn’t delivering the truth. We’re geting simply what they want us to know.

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