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Date: Tue, Jun 1, 2010   
Subject: (FAMINE) West Poised for Worst Grasshopper Outbreak in 30 Years…

U.S. cage fighter 'rips out still-beating heart of partner'

After becoming convinced he was possessed by devil –London Daily Mail


Future pope refused defrocking of convicted priest

May 30, 2010–(AP) – Associated Press Writer The future Pope Benedict XVI refused to defrock an American priest who confessed to molesting numerous children and even served prison time for it, simply because the cleric wouldn't agree to the discipline. The case provides the latest evidence of how changes in church law under Pope John Paul II frustrated and hamstrung U.S. bishops struggling with an abuse crisis that would eventually explode…"Ratzinger was just obeying his boss," said Doyle.


West Poised for Worst Grasshopper Outbreak in 30 Years

The worst grasshopper outbreak in decades may envelop the western states this summer, scientists warn.

Pacific Northwest, Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska — states with typically high numbers of grasshoppers due to the large expanses of open range land there — are already seeing more than eight grasshoppers per square yard. That's like walking through a field and having eight grasshoppers fly in your face with every step, Zach said.

Shot by sniper in Iraq, billed for $3K by military in U.S. — A former Oregon National Guard soldier and Purple Heart recipient is being billed for military-issued equipment he believes was lost in Iraq after he was shot and evacuated from the country.



Spain Loses AAA Rating at Fitch as It Struggles to Cut Debt — Spain lost its AAA credit grade at Fitch Ratings, which said the country’s debt burden is likely to weigh on economic growth.


Is BP Trying to Cap the Gulf Oil Well, Or Keep It Flowing? — Today, I spent my time interviewing people on the Gulf Coast from Mississippi to Louisiana.



George W. Bush: ‘Starting Wars In Middle East Good For The Economy’


Upside-Down Flag Stirs Controversy in Florida Neighborhood

“The flag upside down is a symbol of a nation in distress. Its a highly visible way to symbolize that our country is in trouble.”

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