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The Law of Polygamy or “ the Principle, “ as many Ultra Mormons call it has a history that goes way back, long before Joseph Smith showed up to declare it as an L D S Church doctrine.

It's a pretty lousy thing that men and women who hold these Religious Principles as a part of their faith, they come under attack for their beliefs.  On the other hand men in sports and some men as politicians are now known for having a mistress in this City and in that City and it's  publicly okay.  It seems that there is some kind of double standard operating here.  

In this interview Ogden Kraut steps out of the shadows and lays out the history of Celestial Plural Marriage and he explains how it is a foundational principle for Mormons.  

The L D S Church didn't like Ogden Kraut very much for dragging their history out into the limelight and airing their so-called dirty laundry.  

Ogden Kraut never intended to air out any dirty laundry, but Ogden simply was doing his best to share the details of why a few men and women choose to participate in the Sacred Practice of the Principle, even today with all of the public consternation.  

Today N F L  players are breaking hearts and leaving behind abandoned children in Cities all over America.  There are Golfers and there are N B A and Pro Baseball and Hockey and Soccer players and Politicians who continue to show their disdain for procreation and God and women and children all over the world today.  

We ought to protect children today.

Some people ought to learn how to use their zippers too, how to keep them shut.  

Around us are men and women who continue to operate in a lawless fashion as they hop into bed with the next, best thing.  

As instituted by Joseph Smith, there are still today a few people who operate under a set of Sacred Rules in their exercise of Celestial Plural Marriage.  

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