The Dream Mine – Ogden Kraut

L D S Bishop Koyle was known as a renegade, according to some Chruch Officials.  

A Bishop is a local, Mormon leader who ministers to people in the Church.  

Near Salem Utah Bishop Koyle received some dreams about the coming financial collapse of the American economy.  Under the instruction of these Prophetic Warnings this Bishop Koyle was shown that there are huge quantities of gold in the mountains, nearby.  Bishop Koyle was informed that this gold would be the financial support of people, in the immediate area as the rest of the United States would be reeling from the impact of a Total and Complete financial meltdown.  

Ogden Kraut became aware of these so-called Prophetic Warnings and he wrote about them.

Bishop Koyle was excommunicated because the L D S Church leaders did not like it – for a number of reasons. 

In this interview Ogden gives more insight to the details of the Dream Mine dream and the details of the shares that were sold in order to fund the construction of the facility for processing this gold.  

Once every year the shareholders of the Dream Mine come together and consider whether the time has come to begin exploring the mine and processing the gold.  

Since Bishop Koyle passed away the L D S Church has controlled the Dream Mine by controlling the men who sit on the Dream Mine board.  

Examine the claims of Bishop Koyle as described by Ogden Kraut and make up your own mind.  

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