Economic Collapse by Design – Water Crisis – Food Crisis – Warning for America

From: Tracy   
Date: Fri, Jun 4, 2010   
Subject: Economic Collapse by Design – Water Crisis – Food Crisis – Prophetic Warning…

This lady risks her life to share these details…

In the last few months several dreams have come my way in which I would like to share with this group.I choose not to get into the Lds church's connection with the goverment or it changes in doctrine over the years,I shall focus on other aspects of the various dream,perhaps what is happening in today's world may make sense to the things to which I have seen.Two things come to mind first water then food.I saw a massive failure in the water systems across america,water becomes a very large controll issue over the mases at large,private wells will cease and become illegal and all water will be controlled by th fed's.When these things happen sore shall be the effects upon great numbers of the people.A massive pipe line is built running east to west across america, all majot cities tap into this water pipeline,smaller towns folks have to drive and recieve water at assigned stations,everyone is put onto rationing,anyone caught tapping off a well is hauled off to prison.certain towns head back to the stone age,a major draw is to flee back into the city and shut down the many small towns.All in the name of controll,americans remained asleep at the wheel way too long and let the secret agenda take controll of all that is living.Then comes the great food shortage which follows soon after that,also created by the fed's.Armed gaurds stand in front of each store to maintain order,free shopping ceases in that day,fresh produce becomes a thing of the past,millions in america die from stravation.Certain people get food allotments in the city but it is powered form and many illnesses arrive on the patform.All these sorrows arrive to america because we headed not unto God and we believed our leaders in church and state, a great deception rolled thru out the land and many perish in those day because of their beliefes in the arm of the flesh,very few had the faith to approuch god directly,these will be the days when man finally gets on his knees and start to know the power of God once again.

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2 Responses to “Economic Collapse by Design – Water Crisis – Food Crisis – Warning for America”

  1. BP says:

    I had a dream 2 nights ago that i was in line to get into a tiny store for rations of food… govt pple (not armed) were there to monitor the store and they had some type of sign in check list/inventory sheet. The store was very small and all the food items had been put into little sandwhich bags.. for instance.. I wanted sugar… well they had sugar but only 1 large sugar cube was in the sandwhich bag. Everything was broken into very small pieces into sealed sandwhich bags. The govt lady at the front (for some odd reason) gave me my small portions for free and wrote my name down on some type exemption sheet. Everyone that saw her do that, was pissed off. And I have had several dreams where the power went out across the US… they herded everyone into govt facilitated shelters.. separated men from women tho. Horrible dreams

    • RJ says:

      This is a powerful dream that you are informing us about.

      I think that America could go either way.

      My daugher has had similar dreams, like yours.

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