N W O – Illuminati Statue at Denver Airport – Anubis, Egyptian God of Death


Date: Fri, Jun 4, 2010   
Subject: New Illuminati Statue At Denver Intl Airport…LDS Latinos want church to

Creepy New Illuminati Statue At Denver Intl Airport
A 26-foot-tall Anubis Statue Installed at Denver International Airport–2010 06 03


Halliburton Bought Oil Well Blowout Company Before BP Gusher



1 Of 8 Americans On Food Stamps


Fidel Castro claims Obama lives in fantasy world


, June 3, 2010 (AP) HAVANA — Fidel Castro speculated Wednesday that a nuclear strike on Iran might help President Barack Obama win a second term in the White House



Oil reaches Louisiana shores PICTURES

ECONOMICROT: $1,500 Silver — "If this is the case, everyone who begins buying silver today could see their investments go up slightly less than 100X."


Bilderberg See People With Income As “A Threat” To Their Agenda

An astounding exchange between Bilderberg conference organizers overheard by a London Guardian journalist reveals that the elitists currently gathering at the Hotel Dolce Sitges in Spain see people with income as “a threat” to their agenda, highlighting the fact that the globalists are intent on eviscerating the middle class and lowering living standards.


North Korean diplomat: ‘War may break out at any moment’

A North Korean diplomat said Thursday that tensions on the Korean peninsula were running so high over the sinking of a South Korean warship that “war may break out at any moment.”

LDS Latinos want church to address crackdown on illegal immigrants

Mormon Latinos on Thursday launched a letter-writing campaign to LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson, urging him to spell out the faith's position on immigration law, an issue they say is dividing the church.
…"This is affecting our families," Yapias says. "Where's the church in this? The longer they stay quiet, the more political it gets, the more divisive." Sandy resident Alfredo Gallardo says he, too, is writing Monson to express what many Latino Latter-day Saints feel. "There is a double standard now — one for Sunday and one for Monday through Saturday," he says…Mormon missionaries increasingly are confronted by prospective converts who believe the church is anti-immigrant, Yapias says, and some Latinos don't even feel welcome in their own LDS congregations because of anti-immigrant rhetoric…church's 12th Article of Faith points toward rigorous enforcement of immigration laws. That article says Mormons believe in "obeying, honoring and sustaining the law." In fact, Sandstrom said Thursday, Monson has spoken several times about the necessity of obeying laws, once referring to those who would "bend, twist and wink at violations of the law" as escalating illegal conduct. Sandstrom says he doesn't expect the church to change its neutral stance…the Roman Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City, for speaking out against Arizona's new law and pressing for comprehensive immigration reform. But the Latino activist wants the state's predominant religion to take a stand.



Utah teens take more heroin

SALT LAKE TRIBUNE – FRIDAY, June 4, 2010 –Utah teens take few risks when it comes to tobacco and alcohol. But they're more likely than their national peers to have attempted suicide and tried illegal drugs, such as heroin…No one knows how much sex Utah youth are having; Utah isn't allowed to ask. Nationally, nearly half of youth said they have had sex.


Don't kiss chicks, Utah health officials warn

Nine Utahns, mostly children, became sick with salmonella this spring after handling chicks and ducklings, according to the Utah Department of Health…The CDC says the chicks commonly have the bacteria in their feces, which also contaminates their feathers and beaks. Salmonella can be passed when children kiss the chicks, or put dirtied fingers in their mouths. http://www.sltrib.com/news/ci_15221251

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