Economic Collapse – A Personal Story – Self Defense Against Government Intrusions


Date: 2010/6/8
Subject: Self Defense by 1 Man in California – Personal Sovereignty  We must defend ourselves against the intrusions by an Out of Control Government. 

We of course have asked a bunch of questions under RESPA etc.  That is a waste of time because you can invoke substantive law in requesting answers/data and move forward much faster (21 day response).

Everyone should do a Sub of Trustee for cause and a Rescission of the trustee and eventually all "loan" docs for cause.  The SD County Recorder has refused to record this but that does not mean it is not in force given the recorders are prohibited from practicing law, wearing black dresses and chopping on content generally.  Recorders are only allowed to verify form, capacities of the signatories and that is it.  Of course they record ANYTHING from the banks and NOTHING from the rabble.  Banksters rule and Recorders drool – Lol.

Every one should be doing a Notice of Grievance under their National Mortgage Documents (sits at Deed of Trust para 15 and 20 in ours).  So far as I know my sweetheart and I may be the only ones across 3000+ counties to do this to our alleged "Lender" and former alleged "trustee".  Our County Recorder has so far unlawfully REFUSED to record this notarized document.

You may enjoy my (amended) Conditional Acceptance of the NOD – it should bring a big smile.

As for the rest attached – enjoy.  You can see many at 
However, we do not have very many of the executed images up yet.

R J, during our radio interview on the 16th of June we will only have time to talk about the set up in this two hour slot as I will be unwilling to reveal MY remedy as of this time other than to speculate why certain remedies used by others are not likely to work. Think of it as a cliff hanger ;-p


Attached documents:

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