N W O – Committee of 300 – The Queen is at the Top of the N W O Foodchain

Morning Liberty Interview

At RBN Wed Morning June 9th

R J speaks with Brian Parkinson


     Today I had the opportunity to speak with Brian Parkinson, On the Air at www.republicbroadcastng.org

     Brian is another man who has lost everything because of attempts on his life for his Stand for America. 

     As a kid Brian's father was a Police Captain in New Jersey.  Brian had many opportunities to hear discussions about corrupt Mayors and Dirty Cops in his house and around his neighborhood.  JFK was assasinated when Brian was 9 years old and that event has had an overhwelming influence in his life.  Brian determined at a young age to Learn All He Could and to Prepare in Every Way so that he may stop the criminals of America from doing harm to our liberties.  Brian Parkinson is very skilled in martial arts and he knows about 14 languages. 

     Brian was there when Osama was walking paces at the World Trade Center, and Brian chased Osama off the grounds.

     Brian believes that about 10% of America serve the N W O and this Committee of 300.  Many of Americans still believe that events in America occur randomly, without any pre planning or design. 

     Brian Parkinson was invited to be a part of 1 of the 3 Assasination Teams that are at the disposal of The Queen.  Yes, Brian claims that Elizabeth 2 is the Top of the Foodchain for the N W O and the Bilderberg Group.  Brian claims that all of these organizations are in place to perpetuate Satanic policy for the earth, even the Freemasons and Tri Lats and the Illuminati. 

     It's not easy to find lines in the sand that divide the Jesuit Priests and their Black Pope and the Skull & Bones people or the Freemasons or the Illuminati or the Bilderberg Group or the Committee of 300 or any of their other organizations. 

     If somebody is invited to be a Made Member of this Committee of 300 then they get to participate in Profiteering. 

     In bed together are the C I A and M I 6 and the Taliban and the Mossad and Henry Kissinger. 

     Most of Americans still have no idea how evil their designs are, the people who man these Rothchilds, Satanic Bankster Organizations.  The demise of America is high on their list of plans. 

     George Bush Sr is a member of the Committee of 300 and George Bush Jr and Bill Clinton.  If you and I knew the membership of this exclusive Committee it may surprise you.  Many of these people operate in High Office positions by day and then participate in Dark and Evil Satanic Events by night.  Yes, according to Brian Parkinson they help one another and are in concert with each other to fulfill their own Evil Designs and to fulfill the Orders of the Queen. 

     There are at least 3 Assasination Teams.  Team A operates as Cobra Vector 1, out of New York.  Team B operates as Zebra Rattler 2, out of the midwest and California.  Team C operates out of Switzerland and London.  Each assasination tema has 12 highly trained personnel with a massive support system. 

     It takes massive sums of money to fund these ridiculous, Black-Op activities therefore they participate and even are in control of the trafficing of drugs and weapons all over the world. 

     Many national trends and events were set up by these N W O thugs, like the contention between Mexican Illegals pouring across the border into America.  The racial bonfire over illegal aliens is an issue they have been trying to create.  Turing Al Qaeda and the Taliban into a Boogy Man was all designed and is now being implemented by them.  The so-called War on Drugs is a fake and was designed and is now being implemented fo their profit and more gains in Power and Control.  War is Money to them, the N W O designers and this Committee of 300. 

     Brian Parkinson claims that even the new Health Care Bill that has become thelaw in America was a part of a Big Business Grant, by the Queen?  Wow!  Does that mean that the U S Constitution could be a Contract with London?  It appears that from the beginning of America as a nation, the Royal Family in England still considered America as a Colony to them? 

     Was the attack on the Gulf Oil Platform a false flag event?  Some people have made claims that Dick Cheney gave orders to a Black Water team to place explosives on the platform. 

     As early as 1991 Brian saw with his own eyes the N W O plans to exterminate 2/3 of Americans. 

     As President Obama was speaking to West Point Grads Barry spoke on how we must have a New International Order. 

     Currently terrorists are sneaking in to America from the Canada border along with the Mexican border. 

     Brian has risked everything, to Stand Up for you and me. 

     America needs you and me to Stand now.

     May God bless America.  We ought to be blessing America, with our lives too.

Be Free,  Robert Hender,   R J     7am – 9am  C T  weekdays  www.republicbroadcasting.org    www.morningliberty.com

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