Restore America Plan – We the People have been under attack – Kelby Smith Reports

Kelby Smith is the Restore America Plan Coordinator for California.  A couple days ago Kelby did a Radio Interview with Dr Valerie Kirkgaard on the Waking Up In America Program.  I had the chance to listen to the interview.  You need to listen to it to therefore Kelby sent a link to me and you can listen yourself at my website. 

Some Americans continue to ask What is Going On with this Restore America Plan.  Some of the activity by R A P officials may be sensite in nature therefore there are some details that can't be publicly shared yet.  More news on these issues will be released very soon.  In the meantime, as some of the work is under way, we may all be at risk by Government Officials who still believe they can trample upon our rights.

The objectives of the Restore America Plan were made public a few months ago.  We expect to see foreclosures end in America.  We expect to see the I R S close their doors for good.  We expect to see the police stop harassing people for non-crimes wherein nobody was injured and no property damage was done.  America's prisons and jails are filled with people who don't belong there.  We expect to see the Federal Reserve end it's fraud activity in America and around the world.  We expect to gain access to DTC accounts whereby our property has been misused and profits have been secured by thugs who have been profiting by the misuse of our property.  We believe that our rights come from God.  We believe that America is still 1 Nation Under God.  We believe that our enlisted men and women ought to be fighting for our rights, not envolved in wars for the profit of N W O cowards. 

I do not speak for the Restore America Plan. 

I have my own opinions. 

A few years ago i learned about the 2nd signature on a driver's license.  It's a contract, but the terms and conditions of this contract were never explained to you and me.  Lawyers have devised an evil plan to steal our liberties by ensnaring us with adhesion contracts. 

A few Americans refuse to sign away their liberty, to any man. 

Recently in California an American was pulled over by police for some so-called traffic violation.  The police officers asked the typical questions, but the American tried to teach the police that he does not fall under their jurisdiction and he has no need for a driver's license.  The police, according to Kelby Smith, took the man to jail and left the wife and children on the side of the road while they towed away their Mercedez SUV. 

How often does this occur in America?  Many Americans have lived their lives knowing nothing different by the police and the judges who now operate on the highways and in the courts across America. 

Some Americans are learning how to defend ourselves.  Some police and judges need to be taught that they can not continue to abuse us and our liberties.  It appears that Costa Mesa City police and judges and other officials may have to learn this the hard way. 

Recently in Alabama 3 Judges were removed for the misuse of the Law, in violation of the rights of Americans. 

Every day in this cuntry Americans are waiving their rights, before some judge and everyone us are losing. 

Bankruptcy can be a tool to stall or to stop foreclosures. 

Barry Soetoro/Obama should not be the Commander in Chief.  The U S Supreme Court now are holding the documents for the impeachment of President Obama.  General Paul E Vallely only days ago announced that Obama should offer his resignation. 

More details are available for your Remedy for these crimes against you and me and our neighbors.  Go and check out and  and

Just like unclaimed property we have a Treasury Account which we have a right to claim.  These Legacy Funds have been hidden from us, but they do exist and we have a right to them. 

The Salem Witch Trials were never truly about finding witches and punishing them.  These Salem Witch Trials were all about finding an excuse to accuse somebody of being a witch in order to steal their property from them. 

A foreclosure is an act of fraud upon Americans. 

The U S congress continues to enforce law where there is no law. 

A new Declaration of Independence was proclaimed by " the people, " on the 31st of January this year.  Members of " We the People, " have now organized in every Repubic in America and we have now re-inhabited our country. 

Imagine, the funds from the Bail-Outs could have paid off every Mortgate Loan in America.  That is now what they want to do.

According to some reports the Bailout Money was securitized, used as collateral to secure other loans.  Those loans may have then been invested and the profits of those loans were used to pay profits to the Bankstes who initiated the whole process, in the first place.  I wonder if we'll ever get to the whole truth from Bernanke or Geithner or Rahm Emanuel or David Axelrod?  

Who are the owners of the Corporations?  state of California   state of Nevada   state of Alabama   state of New York  

A fiction can not bromg a charge against a living man, on the land. 

We have been going along to get along, for too long.  This is what Political Correctness has brought us to. 

We ought to follow the lead of Pastor Manning in New York who has taken a stand for the truth. 

We can now stand together or be hung separately. 

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J   7am – 9am  Central Time  weekdays

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437 Responses to “Restore America Plan – We the People have been under attack – Kelby Smith Reports”

  1. Pete says:

    What happened to Sam Kennedy’s show? I heard there was some infighting amongst the “Guardian Elders”.

    • RJ says:

      You will have to ask Sam Kennedy that question. I have no idea where he went. I have tried to reach Sam Kennedy.

      The work Sam Kennedy began doesn’t belong to him.

      The re-declaration was made public by Sam. With Sam’s help the 50 Republics have now been restored and reinhabited. A body of men and women now stand in every Republic across America.

      Let the games begin. Check out more details of the Restore America Plan at this site.

  2. Darren Carpenter says:

    Is there any real person to speak with who is a member of the Guardians? If so who and contact info please. I keep running into dead ends trying to research this movement.

    • RJ says:

      There are over 1,350 real Guardians of R A P.

      What questions do you have?

      There is a phone call, that you can make on Tue and Wed nights to get your questions answered. That information is posted in the Restore America Plan section of the website.

  3. spcflorida says:

    I have only recently discovered your show and coverage of RAP with Kelby Smith and CW- I have seen on another blog site that had the following post and was wondering if you or Kelby can confirm if it is true and possibly expand on it-I fear it may cause even more upset and thought it should be addressed- thank you and God Bless. below is the post:

    “Hey, Everyone! This was posted on the “Headlines” Thread. Perhaps, this person did not know about the RAP Thread. Anyway, thought you might like to investigate this and/or comment so here it is:

    KU says:
    August 4, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    “With respect to all who serve, I have been following RAP proceedings for a long time and basically I am an board. I would like all concerned to access this site and tell me what the hell is going on. Team Law has had a dejure government in place, including I might add, an interim president since 1993. They have been challenged in court and had the National Security Council hand the matter to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and they said the following. “What Governor Madsen is doing out in Colorado is lawful and correct; and, if they accomplish what they set out to do we will recognize the President of the United States of America, as President of the United States of America, Commander in Chief of the military and give them full military support”.
    So we now have three presidents to contend with? They, The Team Law system already have in place the ability to have elections by the people. Why haven’t I heard anything from RAP about this. They also state that the basic principles of RAP are myths and should not be allowed to sway the purpose of restoring the nation. I am really upset that this information has not been disseminated to people. This is getting to be a dog and pony show.”

    • RJ says:

      Thank you for the compliment.

      Every day more people are catching on. Every week moe people are seeing it, getting it.

      As we stand together on these principles, we will be coming together too

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