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Rob Hender  " R J "


   History is taking place, right before our eyes.  Much of what is now occurring, is taking place beyond what our eyes can tell us.  Like a good dog we have been to roll over and sit and beg.  Our five senses have a story to tell, but they blind us too.

   A battle is now being waged for the control of earth.  This is Spiritual Warfare, yeah.  Now the whole earth is at the very brink of being destroyed because of the stupidity and arrogance and greed of just a handfull of Satanic Thugs.  This is not a cartoon that will end and then we'll go in to the commercial messages. 

   I've been on the phone today with Lindsey Williams and with Dr Stan Monteith and they are both very concerned over what is happening today and what is about to take place on a national and world scale.  On the radio,  I will be speaking with both of these men, very soon.  These men don't have all of the answers.

   Hopi and Mayan Prophecis speak of our day and these events. 

   Did you know that in April 2009 a World Gathering of Wisdom Keepers were called together to perform Ceremonies that were meant to heal Mother Earth and that were done in order to heal the rift between Men and Women on the planet?  Over 100,000 people were gathered then to commemorate the fulfillment of Prophecy by " the Grandfather, " for the earth.  In order to put on a new coat of Abudance, Light and Joy for the earth changes must take place. 

   For hundreds and hundreds and even thousands of years Light Beings, Star Brothers have been visiting the earth and keeping a watch as mankind has sprawled out, all over the earth.  These Light Beings are arriving again.  NASA has been observing the signs of their arrival, like the blue star in the Heavens that are growing in size and in brightness.  Upon the earth some people are being prepared for the arrival and partnership with these Light Beings in the repair of the earth and in the unveiling of secrets that have been hid in the earth for many years. 

   As January 1st, 2000 approached many of us thought the world would end.  Computer glitches all over the world were supposed to cause havoc for infrustructure and communications and weapons that may have ended the world, as we know it. 

   On this earth, we are not alone. 

   A court was held, by these Light Beings and it was determined that you and I have the ability to Learn and to Change.  Half of the Crop Circles may be a hoax, but half of them are legitimate signs by these Intelligent Beings from other corners of the Universe.  Some times we can be so arrogant, thinking that we are alone in this universe.  Whole civilizations have been built and now are empty, cities that were built by technology far and above any of the skill or equipment in use today. 

   For our own protection technogy and historical records have been hidden from our view.  Most of us have no idea about all of the technology that Tesla stumbled upon.   All of Tesla's papers were stolen and have been kept from our view.

   The people which have been taking charge of the Governments and of the Religions and of World Currencies have been keeping us ignorant for hundreds and hundreds of years. 

   Do we know Who We Truly Are? 

   Are we ready to direct our own destiny? 

   An evil cabal does exist which wants to Kill, Steal and Destroy.  These occult cowards warned BP and Goldman Sachs officials that a major event was about to occur in the Gulf Area, before the explosion took place on April 20th, 2010.  Just the same way that many Rock Music groups have participated in satanic ceremonies in order to be instructed with what words to write and what music to play for the greatest evil purpose, Lindsey Williams says that occult people warned BP and Goldman Sachs before the explosion in the gulf. 

   Some people believe that all of these kinds of things are nonsense. 

   Among the Hopi people are a few leaders who continue to pray for the Earth and all Life Upon Her, as they promised God that they would do so 10,000 to 12,000 years ago.  Hopi history tells of an event where the Creator gave the Hopi people a strict charge of the whole earth and all life upon it and a few of them are keeping their promises, even today in our marvelously educated society. 

   If the truth bit us in the ass, would you believe it?  The truth is biting us now.  Whee shall we turn to for answers?  Does Obama, our whipping boy, have any answers for the bleeding of Mother Earth in the Gulf of Mexico area right now? 

   On January 31st, 2010 a handfull of men declared the details of the Restore America Plan, wherein they invited men and women to stand with them as they went forth and told the I R S people and the Federal Reserve people and other N W O Thugs that we're not going to take it any more.  Some of these people may be risking their lives to take a stand against the Satanic Cabal that has been ruling the earth for sooo sooo, very long. 

   Are we still spectators in these games? 

   Our very future is now at stake. 

   As I spoke with Dr Stan Monteith he said that "…we are going to war, for sure. "  Well, aren't we already at war?  The conflict between Iran and Israel has been growing and I think this Satanic Cabal wants a Global War because they profit from war.  These Bankster Cowards gain more money and control in war. 

   Have we had enough conflict, enough scarcity, enough war yet? 

   Me thinks that 2010 will be an extraordinary year.  Are we ready for abundance and joy?

   Are you ready to see all of their Big Control to come crashing down?

   I ponder about agreeing with people who are Muslim.  I wonder if I could coexist with people who have a diffeent color of skin and people who live on the opposite of the world and of people who worship differently than I do.  If wonder if these Space Brothers or even Light Beings are going to show themselves to me, some day. 

   I want to know that I know. 

   I want to know that my children are safe and that they will live freely.  I have childen that disagree with me.  My wife seems to think that she has her own mind too.  I wonder if my children's children will be safe going to school and if their school will be teaching true concepts of science and math and history.  I wonder what kind of world my posterity will create, as their day comes along, but in the meantime, the Work Is Now Ours to Perform.

   Wisdom Keeper, Kiesha Crowther does a good job spelling out our Personal Power in more lectures that can be found by going to and you may find some value in them. 

   If we look carefully we may recognize how the Creator will rip the controls right out of the hands of the very people who think theya re in charge of the World.  What a notion, being in charge of all Government and of all Religions and of the World's Currencies.  We have seen what they have done with their control.  Those people who do not take care of Mother Earth may be removed.  This may be a bumpy ride.

   From your heart, ask yourself this question " why are you here now? "   Are we here and now by accident? 

   The earth is not some rock that we live on.  Earth is a she and she has been dying.  Mother Earth is bleeding to death, right now.  We have thought we were so smart.  In our society we have learned how to put our mind in charge of things.  Our intelligence seems to have been in the Service of Madness. 

   It appears that we have been expecting somebody to come and save us.  Have we been waiting for Obama?  Well, President Obama doesn't appear to have the answers to what is now happening on the earth.  Congress does not have the answers.  The Pope has not declared the answer to these world challenges. 

   Did the Creator plant answers in us and send us here, now? 

   Hopi and Mayan Prophecies tell of such a day as ours.  Kiesha Crowther dares to speak publicly about what the Creator demanded that she inform us about. 

  Men are to be Spirits of Light and women ought to be Spirits of Love. 

   When we walk in balance and love we can help restore the earth and our future.

   The Hopi Prophecy speaks of the waters that turn black which choke and kill life.  The Hopi Prophecy continues on to tell of a Blue Kachina Star with a trail of blue light which will appear in our Heavens.  On August 16, 2007 a NASA report was released over a sighting from the Galaxy Evolution Explorer that disclosed a new Blue Star was showing up in the skies with a blue tail.  Next this Hopi Prophecy tells of White Men from the Stars who arrive on Disks who arrive on earth tho help and to bring forth our Secret Teachings and Technology that has been hidden. 

   Many of these White Beings from the Stars may already be here.  Some of these Beings of Light are yet to arrive.

   If these Star Brothers do arrive, are they like us?   

   Pain and suffereing can be great teachers. 

   How much pain and suffering are we prepared to endure? 

   In this day, we chose to come to earth, now.  We were invited to dwell on the earth, today. 

   It is okay to listen to our own hearts.  We have choices, yet to make.

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J  7am – 9am  Central Time  weekdays

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