Emergency Preparation – 3 Principles of Our Readyness – Jim Phillips

Robert Hender  " R J "



   Every day we take our lives in to our own hands.  Most of the time we don't think much about the risks.

   Over the weekend 20 people died in Arkansas at the Camp Albert Pike area in Arkansas.  My heart goes out to the families that lost members of their family from the flash flood that overtook them between 3am and 5am in the morning. 

   Heavy rains are causing flooding and flash floods all over America today. 

   On the radio every Monday I get to visit with Jim Phillips www.republicbroadcasting.org  who is the Guru of Getting Ready.  He has been hired to teach our military techniques of surviving harsh conditions in the Arctic and in the sizzling valleys in the western United States.  These days Jim Phillips www.preparemyfamily.com teaches people all over America in the classroom. 

   There are concepts and principles that Americans need to know. 

   Mother Nature is doing some peculiar things these days.  From day to day it's hard to know where and when a catastrophe may strike, an event we never saw coming. 

   Our preparation for any of these weather events or calamities must begin before we find ourselves in harm's way.  Everywhere Jim Phillips travels he keepw with him his scouting knife which has plenty of gadgets on it.  Jim saw the movie wherer Tom Hanks was strandid on an island and Jim also realized he needed more than his knife, with him at all times.  Jim Phillips carries a " Cast Away Kit, " now. 

   One remedy for an emergency is " Jim's Jungle juice, " a wheat grass drink that he takes with him where ever he goes.  You don't need a fire, but with a quick spoon full and a glass of water, it makes a meal and in a pinch it's the perfect solution to the challenge of not being prepared for being strandid somewhere. 

   Every week Jim Phillips continues to speak about his " Attitude, " as what it is that keeps him safe. 

   These days we can't go anywhere unprepared. 

   Spiritual preparation is always first, for each day and in the event of an emergency. 

   Our attitude can make the difference between life and death.  Our will to live can go a long way, whether it is our own life we are fighting for or whether it's the life of somebody else we may come across as we are occupied with our daily activities. 

   Knowledge is next in line of importance for our Emergency Preparation.  Knowledge allows us to properly apply any of the supplies or tools that we may be carrying as we travel or even when we are at home. 

   Spiritual Preparatin, Attitude and the Knowledge we have can be carried by us where ever we go. 

   Water is an important componant of our supplies and our preparation, where ever we are. 

   Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.  We can't remain at home because we're afraid to get out and practice with survival equipment.  It's fun, taking camping gear and trying it out.  It's fun to take some 72 hour kit and checking to see what equipment works and what equipment does not work. 

   We may not be able to control every situation we may find ourselves in, but we can be completely in charge about what we do during any given calamity.

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J   www.republicbroadcasting.org  7am – 9am  Central Time  Mon – Fri

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