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   On the radio today I visited with Ralph Epperson.  www.ralph-epperson.com

   At least since 1973 he has been researching and connecting the dots in order to discover why America was involved in supplying the enemy during the View Nam war. 

   Ralph was surprised by what he found.

   If we simply follow what the Main Press is spoonfeeding us then we may never come to an understanding of the truth.  That is not the job of " the press,. "  We get what they want us to know, material that has been designed for public consumption.  Many members of " the press, " are C I A people.  Many members of " the press, "  are tied in to the C F R.  Many members of " the press, " are members of the Skull and Bones or they are Freemasons. 

   It would be much easier for us if these press people would wear identification badges.  A C F R badge ought to be worn by the press men and women who are a part of the Council on Foreign Relations.  These press people ought to be forced to wear a Freemason button, if they are so connected.  There must be a Skull and Bones badge that Bonesmen must wear if they are a part of that fraternity.  How about a Tri Lateral badge too?  How about an Illuminati Button? 

   What about Congress?  We would see Ron Paul for who he truly is, if he had to wear his Freemason button.

   By their fruit, we are coming to know them. 

   There ought to be a Jesuit Priest badge too. 

   Ralph Epperson's body of work can be found in his Video " America's Secret Destiny. "  Epperson's assertions include the evidence that America's Founding Fathers wrote in to the U S A Constitution 2 factions in Government.  Freemasons wrote in to the Constitution language that would allow Congress to enforce law where there is no law.  The Constitution is a N W O instrument too. 

   There is much about our own history that we are not familiar with. 

   Several U S Presidents campaigned on keeping us out of or getting us our of war.  Americans bought their propaganda and then as some of these men stood in their office, Presidents like Johnson got us in to war any way.  It's been sad to see the abuse of Executive Orders that are still being used to send our troops into war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

   Who are these Presidents working for? 

   Are these people working for Henry Kiss of Deathinger? 

   Why has the American Government become the Top World Drug Trafficer?  Just ask Oliver North, that question.

   There is a war cabal. 

   War is being waged upon Americans.  Examine the War Powers Act and you'll see how the American People have been declared as the enemy.  Ask Janet Napolitano about this.

   Does Barry Soetoro aka President Obama work for America?  Does Obama work for this Military Industrial Complex? 

   World War 1 was planned and implemented by this Global Sinister Cabal. 

   World War 2 was designed and engaged by the same criminals. 

   In Viet Nam, the planning began at least as early as 1943.  Are these wars for profit?  In Viet Nam America lost 58,000 good men and women in that " action to keep the peace. " 

   Who was behind the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11?   Did you see the plane that flew into Building 7?  Larry Silverstein publicly admitted that the Fire Department decided to " Pull It. "  When were the explosives planted in to the building?  Who planted the thermate in building 7 or in Building 1 and building 2? 

   Now, here we have the explostion at the BP's Deep Horizon platform in the Gulf of Mexico. 

   How many acts of war are taking place, before our eyes.  Who will dare call it, what it is.  Somebody decided th place faulty equipment on the platform.  Was it Dick Cheney and Halliburton that hired a Black Water hit team to place explosives and cause the damage to the platform? 

   Why did Goldman Sachs initiate insurance policies in the area?  Why did Goldman Sachs sell off BP shores, ahead of time?  Why did BP executives sell off shares of stock, ahead of time?  Why has Halliburton purchased Boots & Coots, one of the oil cleanup companies in the Gulf area?  Why is there silence about the Swamp Gas that is floating in to the breathing air in the Gulf area?  Why is there so much inactivity in gathering up the oil that is now leaking into the waters in the Gulf? 

   Who are the terrorists here? 

   Ralph Epperson helped me connect some of these dots this morning.  The events may be changing, but the people seem to remain.  These are the people who may be behind the continued assaults or even the acts of war against our(my) country.  

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   www.republicbroadcasting.org   7am – 9am  Central Time  weekdays

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