Anti Christ? – Jesus In-Carnate in the Flesh? – Tomb of Jesus Found clips- Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall

Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall 

Date: Sat, Jun 19, 2010    
Subject: The Tomb of Jesus May Have Been Found – Could Jesus, Re-Incarnate Be Among Us?

Now see explanation notes from video – and a verbal msg from Brian.

June 3, 2007

Lost Tomb of Jesus 3 an Inconvenient Truth Lady Diana
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  • “Six thousand years are required to increase the world population to a level allowing the fallen the opportunity to reject Lucifer and repent.  There is a limit when time is no more and this known as the fullness of time” then the end. 20-12-2012”
  • “this end is when the  solar system crosses the equatorial line of the Milky Way Galaxy.  At that time the population will be freed from the influence of Lucifer, the churches dominated by Freemasonry and they by the Khazar.”
  • There is no rapture, this word is not in the bible, the prophecy of Jesus is you must endure until the end.

Then Brian aka Jesus adds a verbal comment to the type above –

“so don’t do anything foolish, hang in there, I’m doing it”

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2 Responses to “Anti Christ? – Jesus In-Carnate in the Flesh? – Tomb of Jesus Found clips- Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall”

  1. Mike says:

    Brian is the real deal. If he is not Yahweh, then he is definitely one of Yahweh’s prophets!

    • RJ says:

      I appreciate Brian’s willingness to go out there and speak up, against the Satanic Worship agenda, on the Radio.

      I hope that nothing occurs, like he was warning us about today, on the air.

      Some people get it and other people don’t. It’s all good.

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