Economic Collapse – Death Rain in FL – BP Oil Killing the Gulf – Obama’s Answer $7 gal Gas

Toxic Oil Spill Rains is Destroying crops in Mississippi
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AND Toxic Oil Spill Rains is Destroying crops in Florida
Death Rain? Blackberry Plants Dying In Panama City, FL

40% of the Gulf of Mexico sea bed is now covered with oil.

READ: Petroleum Engineer -Gulf Oil Rig Intentionally Sabotaged

$7-a-gallon gas? The folly of O's oil-spill 'fix'
June 19, 2010—President Obama has a solution to the Gulf oil spill: $7-a-gallon gas. That's a Harvard University study's estimate of the per-gallon price June 19, 2010 of the president's global-warming agenda. And Obama made clear this week that this agenda is a part of his plan for addressing the Gulf mess.
So what does global-warming legislation have to do with the oil spill?
Good question, because such measures wouldn't do a thing to clean up the oil or fix the problems that led to the leak.
The answer can be found in Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's now-famous words,
"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste…

Angelina Jolie draws criticism for being 'too white' to play Cleopatra…Jolie is "too white" to play the Egyptian Queen…this role should have gone to a Black woman…
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On July 1st Utah getting rid of undocumented workers
SALT LAKE TRIBUNE – 06/19/2010—But come July 1, Hernandez may run up against an employment roadblock that could wipe out his way of life. That's when a new state law kicks in requiring businesses to verify the legal status of all new employees and to turn away anyone found without the proper documents.
If companies comply, it will leave the estimated 100,000 to 120,000 undocumented immigrants in the state with just a few, hard options: find work that pays under the table, use fake documents or leave.

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  1. As we enter one of the most aggressive hurricane seasons on record, I cannot even imagine what a hurricane would do with oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Dealing with oil on the beach is one thing, but what if we had to deal with it in our streets, in our businesses, in our homes? What if we had to rescue humans covered in oil? What if this is no longer isolated to just the Gulf Coast but found its way up the great rivers to our inner cities? Now imagine if you will the dispersants mixed with oil which could possibly cause untold diseases and catastrophic health hazards of a biblical proportion. It staggers the imagination, or is it prophetic? What if we are dealing with the wrath of God? Please visit my website at Author of the book Final Warning

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