Gulf Volcano Warnings – Silence by the Press is Deafening – Gilbert Eriksen is Speaking Out

John DiNardo 

Date: Sat, Jun 19, 2010    
Subject: Gulf Ocean Bed Volcano – Gulf of Mexico Land Masses to Arise

The following is an excerpt of a recent message from Gilbert Eriksen,
a man with a good understanding of astronomy and whose past
information has indicated that he has contacts within the astrophysics
and astronomy communities. Couple Gil's report with the report that
I got at least three years ago, from a friend of a geologist with the
U.S. Geological Survey, who said that they were surveying the Gulf of
Mexico for great oil drilling opportunities, related to the fact that they
discovered that land masses will be rising up out of the Gulf in the near
future.  Folks, unnarrow your minds! NASA has long known that a brown
dwarf star, which by definition must be larger than Jupiter, or 318 Earths
(average size is more like three Jupiters) is being gravitationally drawn
toward our Sun. In college physics classes and astronomy, we learn that
forces of attraction, such as gravity and magnetism, act mutually upon
celestial bodies, tugging upon, traumatizing, and molesting one another
to cause crustal displacements, such as bulging thrusting seabeds and
earthquakes. Indeed, Gov. Jesse Ventura has added another piece to
this earth-shaking puzzle by filming the elaborate lairs of the elite, deep
within the bowels of Cheyenne Mountain and beneath the Denver Airport.
The elite of other nations are also proven to have underground cities and
seed vaults, in anticipation of Earth cataclysms.
What I'm trying to tell you is that it looks like the seabed of the Gulf of
Mexico is bulging and is about to thrust up. In fact, the seabed of the
Coral Sea, on the other side of the globe, is now bulging significantly,
according to buoy depth measurements.        John DiNardo
One of the discoveries that was rather “unnerving” for earth science
people was the number of new underwater volcanoes that were
erupting and heating the deep ocean water.  It wasn’t just a few of
them… there are thousands (maybe even millions) of new vents
that are now spewing hot gas, hot water and dissolved chemicals…

The sources don’t agree on how many new or reactivated cones and
vents are down there under the water but they are surprised that
there are so many and that they are actively warming the cold waters
of the deep oceans… a form of global warming that our favorite band,
the Al Gore Rhythms, and their socialist song writers cannot account for
with their puny carbon dioxide models.  Could Wormwood be responsible
for these kinds of changes here on Earth even before it arrives to perform
its more “spectacular” damage?  Answer:  Yes.  OK, if so, then how?

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  1. RJ says:

    Much more is going on in the Gulf than we have any idea.

    Who has access to the ocean floor in the Gulf? Who controls those video cameras?

    Did you hear Obama today say that all of the oil in the Gulf is okay – ???

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