Top 4 Reasons BP Gulf Explosion – June 26 Sign of Cross in Heavens – Apr 20 Lucifer Worship Agenda

Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall

Date: Sat, Jun 19, 2010    
Subject: the Queen is surrounded by evil men – Top 4 Reasons for the BP Gulf Oil Explosion – Spill


What single individual has dared claim he can stop the oil in the Gulf?  

Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall says,  “I can stop it, no problem.”  “The flow is intended to kill the oceans, cripple the food chain, cause a famine world wide and reduce the world population to a satanic population…”

What man says he will protect the Queen, upon stepping down?

“she is surrounded by evil men whom as representatives of Lucifer, would kill her if she remotely indicated, of her own free will, abdicate to me, as it would immediately destroy Lucifer.”
 “She prays for her burden to be lifted, therefore I answered her prayers guaranteeing her and her families protection, if she accepts my offer of grace and forgiveness.  In doing so She would become the greatest monarch since James and his son Charles died for Christ.”

Would any person makes such claims and
could any individual be capable of these noble acts?

James June 19 2010 2
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