Economic Collapse – New World Order – Gog and Magog – Prophecy – Love and Abundance? – Why Are We Here Any Way?

Robert Hender " R J "

June 22, 2010


   Some times I have questioned whether I was crazy or not. 

   Strangers to me continue to do harm to my country.  The closer we examine the events that are now raging before us the more we'll find the evidence of 2 forces that are now battling for the earth and our future. 

   The earth and all life upon it could die, if these events and other events like them continue to occur. 

   Peace and Love and Abundance are also potential aspects in our future. 

   As a spectator on the earth somebody else gett to decide what will be happening to our earth and our family. 

   Barry Soetoro aka President Obama has become our whipping boy. This week Tony Hayward has become our whipping boy.  When all of the blaming is done, will we have solved anything? 

   A few years ago I felt impressed that God may have planted a Part of Heaven deeply within my sould and then God sent me to the earth, along with you.  If this were true then upon the earth is some Heaven.

   We have all seen what hate can do. 

   I hope you have also seen what love can do. 

   What is clear to me is that we need more love on the earth.  That's corny, right? 

   There are a handfull of thugs who have designs to enslave and destroy life and the earth.  How stupid is that.  What will they do next to satisfy their greed?  Once they have it all, what path will they take then. 

   Friendship is a gift.  A gift is something that you can give and then it comes with no strings attatched.  Later if the gift giver demands a favor because he gave the gift then that so-called gift becomes a tool of compulsion.  Compuslion is not friendship.  Compulsion is force. 

   You can't force friendship. 

   You can cause hate.  You could cause anger.  We could cause harm and stand back and watch even greater consequences.

   How many ripples come about when we skip a rock across a pond? 

   Happiness is a choice.  Even when you slug me in the shoulder I have a choice of whether to slug you back or to swear at you or to kick my wife's cat.  These choices are mine. 

   Happiness is a choice. 

   Love is a choice. 

   We are now watching out of control rage and greed take over our neighborhoods, our oceans, our earth. 

   I don't think I can simply stand by and watch any more. 

   It's not up to President Obama. 

   It is not up to the Congress. 

   It is not up to the Supreme Court. 

   It is not up to my Pastor or the Church. 

   It is not up to my neighbor or the Sheriff or the Mayor. 

   If it is to be, it is up to me.

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J   7am – 9am  Central Time   weekdays

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    • RJ says:

      We are now on the very brink, where we could go either way.

      Shall we go left or right?

      Shall we take the blue pill or the red pill?

      Does darkness have to exist in order for the light to be?

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